Q: where is the coolant temperature sensor located on 4.2 L. on 2005 Isuzu Ascender

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check engine light is on and shop said it was the sensor
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The next time that you are at this shop, remember YOU can ask questions and ask the tech to see the part, its your "baby", you are allowed to ask the tech, better yet they want your business, and should at least show you and answer your questions while you are there, customer service is always a plus, I try to never leave the customer in the dark about a part location, its all about learning, we techs had to learn, so why not the customer. Now there are certain things that I dont recommend a novice do, just for the mear fact you will not want to purchase some necessary tools, and proper usage of these tools, so yes , being more helpful is good, but some DIY may not have the other vital knowledge,skills, and tools that the tech has, we are professionals,and trained .