Q: where is the clutch fluid reservoir located on 1995 Toyota hi-lux pick-up on 1995 Toyota Tacoma

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Manual clutch is beginning to slip, is there a clutch reservoir to check for fluid ? Is clutch fluid different than brake fluid ? 1995 Toyota hi-lux pick up - 3.0 V-6

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Clutch and brake fluid are the same (either Dot 3 or 4 fluid). The clutch fluid reservoir is the reservoir (smaller) next to the brake master cylinder reservoir. Look behind the dash at the top of the clutch pedal is it wet with fluid, if so the clutch master cylinder is bad. Look at the clutch slave cylinder at the lower part of the bell housing and see if it or the clutch rubber flexible hose have failed. The system should not "leak" or it must have what ever is leaking replaced,