Q: Where is the 2007 Toyota Yaris Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor located? on 2007 Toyota Yaris

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Engine will not start after relacing water pump and fan belt. Water pump bearings failed which caused fan belt to tear up. Engine did get hot but I don't think it overheated. I drove about 15 miles before I realized I had a problem. I get diagnostic engine code P0117 when I use an OBD reader. No other codes in control module. The engine turns over but will not start.
(1) Answer
the coolant sensor read a temp that was not normal, thus the light. it does not mean the sensor is bad. a code never identifies a bad part. the motor did overheat.
you will need to start with a compression test, fuel pressure check and spark test to find what is missing. one of them will be missing and then you can proceed with finding the problem.
i suggest letting a shop at least diag it for you so there is no guessing.

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