Q: where does the freon go? on 2007 Saturn Outlook

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our a/c isnt making cold air, just slightly cool air. we want to add freon, but cant find an opening to put it in. ???? help please.
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There are fittings on the lines nears the compressor. a high and low side with only can be hooked up one way. They have caps which are plastic and just unscrew. The fittings are very easy to access. You might want to pull the old freon out with an AC machine, check pressure to determine any leaks. I noticed they usually leak at the o-rings near the fittings or on the firewall at the valve. Larger leaks you will notice a filmy wet black color near the leak. smaller leaks will need dye and a blacklight to find the source. There is a sticker under the hood on how much freon to add. I think it was around 1.5 lbs. and there was a bulletin for older models which needed a retrofit. Hope this helps
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