When is it time to end the repairs and sell the vehicle on 1995 Ford F-250

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I was gifted an Ford F250, 2 wheel drive (OMG) yes a 2 wheel drive. I have been using it to haul my motorcycle and leaf debris. I now want to sell it. I am a service writer in a repair facility. I had to repair the rear brake lines but in the look over the oil pan is rotted and there are several things that need repair, tires etc.The engine runs great but it needs some work. It is a great truck for a county bumpkin for hauling. The value and the cost of repairs do not equal out. I need to get it out of my driveway. Any advice on selling it with need repairs?
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I would say exactly what you just did. Disclose what you know, and ask a fair price. That's all you can do. There seems to be a buyer in every situation, even for a 2WD truck in a snowy area. I'm sure Craigslist or somewhere like that would be a good forum. Good luck.
Thanks Dave, thought I would never get a response. Do you know what is my responsibility in selling a vehicle with apparent safety conditions (tires, etc). It did get a state inspection in June and it passed (don't know how that happened).
Well, I do not know the laws specifically in MA, but from what I know, you are selling the vehicle "as is" with no warranty implied. The purchaser is ultimately liable for issues after the sale is complete. You may want to explicitly note issues you are concerned about in the written bill of sale, with signature or initial lines itemized, to give you that added feeling of security that it won't all come back to you.

All that said, I'm not expert on the laws surrounding buying and selling cars, so I'm only sharing my opinion. In my personal private vehicle sale experience, I did not know of, nor did I note any specific issues in my bill of sale.

In a state where there annual inspections as yours, you are likely even more protected, because as far as you know, the vehicle is safe as of June, underneath the terms of law. However, when the vehicle changes hands, is an inspection required by the new owner? You may want to look into that.

Good luck.
Thanks Dave, You gave me good advice and a starting point. I had a full inspection at my workplace and a list of the issues with the truck. Good thinking I feel better already and am ready to go forward with a sale. thanks again