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Q: When I turn my key my car won't start on 2002 Mazda Protege5

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I hear one click when I turn my key then nothing else, all my dashboard lights come on (battery, engine, gas etc.) but the car never starts. It happened a couple diffrent times but I just tryeda few more times and eventually it would crank, now I get nothing. wat could the problem be?
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Same thing with my 02 p5, I turn the key and get 1 click then nothing, all the dash lights come on and everything electrical works but it won't start! I replaced the battery, alternator, and starter but nothings worked, I was told it could be the ignition switch but I'm sick of wasting money on nothing... any ideas let me know
I have a 2002 mazda 5 the same thing happend to me 2 years ago and its happening again. when you play with the stick shift it seems to start. so for 5 bucks we are going to try the same solution the part# 46-310B its a little part for the change control system...good luck
It sound that the starter motor is weak and replacement is needed. Battery fully charged, Charging system operating properly should be considered also for intermittent start problem. most likely started will have to be replaced.
I have a 2001 s40 volvo. This is going to sound strange. But it is true.The same thing happened to me. Turn key it clicks and then nothing.Now the strange part. If I push hard with my knee under the steering column.Just about were the lever to adjust the height of steering colmn is it starts every time.What the hell give it a try. Anyone out there ever have this problem.I get some wierd looks when I tell people this story.Mechanics think I'm nuts..
roll it forward 1 foot. Starter motors sometimes have particular spots where they just dont work. This has happened a couple times to me in my prot5 and rolling it forward or backwards in neutral fixed it.
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