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Q: Whats does the ETS light on the dashboard means on 1998 Mercedes-Benz ML320

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The ETS light is on my dashboard will driving and stays on whats is the ETS and what does it mean and how to repair it ?
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Hi, I disagree with willie12345 throttle body answer. ETS stands for Electronic Control System, a diagnostic check is needed to verify which sensor, wiring or module is fault. The ETS is part of your ABS system, they share speed sensors etc. The ETS light will come on when its activated (car slipping while foot on the gas peddle) and the ABS light will turn on when its activated (car slipping while foot on the brake peddle). Question when the ETS light turns on does it stay on or does the light turn off as you’re driving? GL. Ted
Hi - thanks so much for this advice -- The ETS light and the ABS light remains on all the time....
Hi Memechanic.
Can answer this as just had the same problem.
Rear pads changed and tested all good, then checked front pads, loads of wear!
Techy forgot to put the top back in brake fluid reservoir, and screw it down, which resulted in brake light coming on and ETS light, and this Godawful beeping like the microwave was about to go nuclear!
Drove back to garage, popped the bonnet and found the reservoir top not secure!
So check your brake fluid reservoir, and pipes to ensure fluid is OK
ETS is electronic throtle body when it gets dirty will cause surging and stalling cleaning not always a fix replacement expensive depending on car big problem on volvo c 70 needs to have downloads after fitting new or it wont work there is a company who rebuilds them
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Owner's manual will explain this.
Check here or try this link you may be able to down load a free copy of the owner's manual for your vehicle
I have the manual it doesnt say what this is the question is direct if you dont know the answer why even reply I would have replyied to ur question if I dont know the answer pl's give me the same respect next time Thank you
I took my vehicle for car repairs because it was overheating. Local repair shop claims need a thermostat cost $80.00 drove my car for a week over heating again
took it back to same local shop now he claims it need a water pump and anitfrezze total cost $350.00. when I turn my car on light goes on -1000 what does that mean?? please help
My 2 cents. The ETS is the electronic traction system. This light often comes in with the ABS light. The systems are dependent upon one another. The beeping is an additional alarm that comes on I believe when it goes in limp mode. Limp mode is second gear. You can drive it but it will only go in second gear. The limp mode may be intermittent. It indicates an intermittent problem like a short circuit.
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