Q: What's creating rattle sound from front drivers side whenever I go over bumps? on 1999 Lexus RX300

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I had ALL my struts replaced about a year ago. In addition, I had a rear mounting plate (part of strut assembly) replaced due to rattle sound whenever I go over bumps. Mechanic I brought car to concluded it is my front driver's side calipers. However, the rattle occurs ONLY when I go over bumps, or ruts on road. I still believe the rattle is coming from a faulty mounting plate, or a bolt is not tighten down on my front-drive's side strut. Do you concur?
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We replace the top mounting plates of the struts on most Toyota/Lexus products because of the noise. The bearing inside that lets you turn the wheel freely has worn out. If you still hear noises from the drivers side then something else like a sway bar end link or the strut itself could be loose or damaged. Have someone bounce the vehicle if they can while you listen for the noise. Sometimes you get lucky and find it. It not then take it back to the original shop and explain that the noise is still there and to find it. Be persistent, you're the customer! Good luck.
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