Q: what would cause my car to have alot of loping during idling and while driving on 1995 Buick Regal

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while the car is in idle {warm up} its like it wants to stall. while driving at about 35 and higher i get he same problem loping or arratic idle. whats up check all the vacuum hoses but haven't changed the plugs or wires yet i used some dry gas treatment thimking maybe its my fuel injectors what do you think the nest step shoukd be,
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No! I do not have a check engine light on. it would be nice if i did, that way i would look up a code.
Just because the light is not on doesn't mean that it has no codes. Get it scanned by a real scanner.
I don't believe there is a timming belt on this car. i've been trying the highest grade gas fot the last month hoping that might help. but it getting costly,