Q: What would cause a screeching noise that only happens when accelerating? on 2006 Nissan Xterra

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My car was recently in the shop to have the transmission replaced after coolant leaked into the transmission from the radiator. I can't remember if it made this noise before the transmission blew up on the freeway but the transmission shop told me about it when they brought it back. The car sat inactive for about 6 weeks and I replaced the radiator myself to save costs. I just got it back a couple days ago and the screeching noise is really loud when I accelerate. It sounds like its coming from one of the pulleys on the serpentine belt.
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Does the noise happen when 1. revving engine but sitting still or 2. only while the vehicle is moving? 1 your looking at a pulley issue. 2. your looking at transmission or undercarriage issue. I cant believe they brought it back like that. My boss would have my head. lol That isnt right. Should have let you know what it might be.
Thanks. I did a search and found a video on youtube where a guy had the same problem and replaced the tensioner assembly and serpentine belt and the noise went away. I appreciate the tip.