What type/style/model number bulbs are in the instrument cluster bulb types. on 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

What type/style/model number bulbs are in the instrument cluster, notification lights, clock, HVAC controls and accessory buttons? I have been trying to find a source which lists this information, but have had no luck. Any help with the specifics, or a reference source is greatly appreciated.

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Many car manufacturers use two or three different types of bulbs on the same instrument cluster. I know you probably want to remove the instrument cluster and know you have the bulbs in hand to replace them with out having to special order any bulbs. It may be best to go to the dealer and identify all the bulbs you need on a parts slide and order them there. The bulb manufacturer Wagner have a great bulb application catalog but I don't remember them listing the part number of those bulbs, the workshop manual doesn't list part numbers either.
Thank you. I was hoping for something more specific, as I am working in Iraq and was hoping to order some LED replacements via the Internet before I get home for R&R. If anything else comes to mind, please let me know.
I'll look at Wagners web-site and see if I can gain any more information from them.