Q: What should the high-pressure Be for the ac on 2006 Jaguar S-Type

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Ac get worm when stopping at lights
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Hello, are you using test equipment hooked up to check pressures in your air conditioning system? Beyond that, listen to the air conditioning compressor and see if it "cycles" rapidly. If it runs for a few seconds, then clicks off, then runs again the same way, it's a good indicator that your system may be low in refrigerant. If the compressor stays engaged and keeps running, there could be a different problem within the system. Another trick you can do is to check hose going from the air conditioning compressor to the firewall, where it goes into the evaporator box. If this hose is not super cold with the system running, the system is not going to keep your vehicle cold. I recommend a local specialist to assist with this, check this link to find a skilled technician near you: