Q: what parts are included in a complete cooling system replacement?. on 2006 Volvo XC70

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My 2006 Volvo XC70 was diagnosed with a leaking oil cooler. A minimil amount of oil, approximately four ounces of oil, or, I think that it might be transmission fluid, was found in the coolant reservoir. There was no coolant in the motor oil. Should the heater core be included in the "Complete coolant system replace"?
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It sounds like you have a little transmission fluid getting into the coolant system via the transmission oil cooler. Maybe some seals are weak. Without actually inspecting the vehicle we can not properly advice, but would assume that you may only need to replace the oil cooler and/or the cooler lines and then perform a complete cooling system flush, once it's all cleaned up.
I agree. But the work has been done. A complete coolant system, from oil cooler to the radiator including all hoses and fittings were replaced. My question is, shouldn't the heat core and hoses have been replaced also? The mechanic told me that the hoses to the radiator were swollen and ready burst. So I assume the same conditions would apply to heater hoses and heater core. I know that when a radiator flush is performed, the heater core is also included in the flush.
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