Q: what particular bolts are needed to be removed when moving aside the air compres on 1994 Dodge Ram Van B150

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the small bypasss hose on the right upper side of he water pump is hard to replace. I need to remove the air compressor and move it aside, im told. What bolts do I remove to do it?
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The four long vertical bolts at each corner of the compressor that are staring at you when you look at it from the top! I think they take a 13mm socket or wrench.
this is true. not sure of socket size. you also need to remove old water pump and remove about 6 or 7 bolts near that on front of engine where water pump was and a bracket should swing out to left. just did one. who ever designed that small hose should be hanged. after I replaced that old small hose it still leaked. discovered that I needed a new theramastat gasket also.