Q: What needs to be done? Check Engine light comes on. on 1999 Toyota Avalon

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I had a garage replace the valve cover gasket on my '99 Toyota Avalon. The check engine light now comes on intermittantly. I took the avalon back to them, but it still comes on. What gives?
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hello ,, there is no codes for valve cover gasket. If the light wasnt on when you took it there , then they may have left something unplugged or loose. I would take it back and have them fix it .. If you can tell me what code is stored in the computer , i can probably help you more
Hello! When you people spend a thousand dollars on parts and you still have a check engin lite on then maybe you will learn. The odds of diagnoseing a check engin lite over the internet are about the same as winning the lotto. And for those of you that ARE giving your two cents, you should know better. Oh you may get lucky once in a while but the odds are still against you. And why would you want to send someone on a wild goose chase anyway? This guy had a valve cover replaced? You took it back and they said to drive it anyway? I don't think that you need to go back to that shop again. At my shop when someone comes in for a check engin lite i tell them up front . I will check your code for nothing and give you an idea of what needs to be done. Sometimes it is as simple as a evap leak and if the costumer is a small women or she lets her child put the gas cap on after she gets gas then i tighten the cap and reset the lite and tell her to drive it for acouple of days. I have a humerous story about clicking the gas cap three time and when she leaves she is smileing and i have a new customer. Or somtimes a costumer comes in with a missfire code and tells me that his brother the back yard machanic just tuned it up. Well then most likely it is a broken plug. But it isn't allways that simple. The computer in your car is very sensitive and there is no gray area. I know that finding a good machanic is hard and going to the dealer is a gamble. You just have to look around. The best way to find one is to find a couple of shops that you feel good about. I am a people person and i like to get my costumers involved with the repairs i make on there car. Let them come into my work area and see and touch things that most people have never seen before. My customers trust me and that is the first thing you need to find when looking for a machanic. Then once you have found one or two then you can go on line to the BAR website. There is a page where you can find out the grade of the shop you are thinking about useing. If the bar has them down at an A pluss then chances are the shop is a good one. The bar Grades a shop on not only their success rate but on how the shop interacts with their customers. If the shop has ever had a problem with being honest the bar will take a car and disconect something that will make the check ingen lite come on and then take it to a shop and see how it is handled. Someone poseing as a customer takes it in and if the shop tells them that it is more then what it is then they get into trouble and what they did is posted on their site. Anyway do the right thing and save yourself alot of greef and money. Good luck
Hi James, where are you located? I need a mechanic like you.

doing that doesn't always fix it. If your going for Emission testing you will fail since a car/truck needs to be driven 100+ miles to reinitialize all the sensors and learn the engine all over again.
The shop might have forgotten to put the ground for the computer back on to the engine or pulled on the O2 wires , but the other Tech is right you need to know the code the car is kicking out so it can be diagnosed properly , Kevvs
Do you know what codes they pulled on the check engine light? Were the codes related to the valve cover replacement? Did the shop make an attempt to address the problem?
Can you call them, or take it to them and get the codes that are stored in the engine control module? If you can post the codes, we may be able to help figure this out for you!
I don't know the codes. When I took it back they said to continue driving with the check engine light on. I left it with them for several hours and they called and said it was ready. They have done good,reasonably priced work for me over the years. But, I think they have reached their level of expertise on this one. Should I take it to the local Toyota dealer?

Thank you Bret and Pat. You both have been very gracious and helpful. I took the vehicle to the Toyota dealer and all they needed to do was reset the check engine light. I apologize for not getting back to you fellows sooner.
I own a Toyota Avalon 1999 and I was looking for just the answer posted here. I have 164,+ miles on mine and it needed a valve cover gasket. I had it put in on Wednesday March 23, 2016 and drove it home, parked it and did not drive it until today, Saturday, March 26, 2016. As soon as I got on the road I noticed the check engine light on the dash. My garage has been great for many years and I was so happy to see the comments above. I kinda thought it might be a sensor or something simple, so thanks for submitting your issue and I will come back to this site again.