Q: What is the general going rate for labor at Honda Dealerships?
on 2000 Honda Odyssey

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I need to replace the front motor mount and bought the genuine part online but the dealership saying the job takes 2.5 hours which is way more time than forums online have stated. Also, I need to replace the rear catalytic converter; again, I found the part online and dealer trying to charge me over $200 when the job on this site says $85 max for labor. What is to give?
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When you go to McDonalds or Burger king do you also bring your own ground beef? You need to understand that repair shops also make a profit on parts also. Nobody, no repair shop or dealer wants to work on someones car when they bring their own parts. They will make the money they lose on parts by marking up the labor.
You do realize when you bring your own parts there isn't a warranty on the repair.
If the parts are GENUINE Honda parts, the warranty does indeed apply!
I asked the dealership several times and they reassured me the warranty would be applicable as long as the parts were HONDA
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