Q: What is the correct tire pressure for my 1991 Buick Century. on 1991 Buick Century

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Bought this Buick Century 1991 a few months ago, gave it a tune up and all but I need new tires. the label on the driver's door in ineligible, so..... Can I get some help deciphering this? Also my back windows are half way open and the fron won't go down. Motors do not work got them from yard, tested the master one and mechanic found they are good but are not getting any electric power, How to find a good, honest electrical person to solve my problem?
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The spec. for your car's recommended inflation pressure stated on the vehicle's tire placard (on driver's door) Should be at 28-30psi
I found the proper pressure spec. for your tires is 35 psi front and rear.
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