Q: what is the best way to check for a blown head gasket on 1996 Mercedes-Benz SL320

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I am the forth owner of this car, the second owner had a diagnosis of a blown head gasket in 2001 at a mercedes dealer,but he did not have it repaired there. the car seems to run great and there are no oil leaks,in 2001 it had 60,000 miles on it today it's 73,000. I'm guessing it was repaired by the owner or at an independent shop,but I need to know for sure since I can't locate the second owner.
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If you don't have any symptoms like overheating, coolant loss, oil leak I wouldn't worry about it. After 13K miles it would be hard to tell anyway.
To answer your question: a blown head gasket have different symptoms, thick, white smoke out of the tail pipe, external oil leak from the gasket area, overheating....
Could be diagnosed - if the symptoms are not obvious -leak down test, testing the coolant for CO2. The oil leak would be visible around the gasket area.