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Q: what is causing stalling,sputttering choking a no start lack of power and leaking oil on 1999 Oldsmobile Cutlass

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For they last 3 months all of these problems have started to get worse. the occurrence has become an everyday problem especially when it rains that's when it seems to not want to stay running. diagnostic code seem to be random first code to come up was bank 1 o2 sensor p0172 another code p0453 fuel tank pressure sensor condition/check hoses and fitting then p1441 evap system/failed canister purge solenoid. i have replaced the fuel pressure regulator already. but could it be the EGR valve being stuck? the lower intake gaskets were replace almost a year ago and a couple of months ago the oil leak was noticeable. i have erratic idling while driving and battery light flickers and sometimes car dies. i seem to have problems going up hills also
check your coil if it has a crack anywhere in it it will ground out the second anything wet hits it which will cause your engine to stop at that moment, another option is your ignition module its located under the cap and rotor but it helps the spark and will cause your car to misfire and sputter act like theres no power unfortunately theres so sensor to tell you if either of those two are bad i just went through this in my car...good luck.
Thanks now i have a fresh idea on where to go from. I figured i was just going to have to do a complete fuel system overhaul. would either of those things cause engine surges and extreme erractic idling when there is a problem with the coil or ignition module. cuz i can only go 13 mph and once it hit 20 it start surging and then dies. not a fun experience while in traffic. it took me 20 minutes to get car home and only 5 blocks from my house.
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