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Q: What is a fuel Modulator and how does it relate to a Fuel Pump? on 2005 Volvo XC90

My check engine light came on and my car just died while I was driving it. I have a 2005 XC90 Volvo. I bought an extended warranty that covers replacing the fuel pump if needed, but I'm being told it's the Fuel Modulator or Fuel Module that is bad and they have to take out the interior of my car to replace it. So they are charging me for this at the tune of $800+. The dealer said when they are in there they can check the Fuel Pump and if it's bad replace it under the warrantly. What I want to know is where is this Fuel Modulator - is it part of the Fuel Pump? Or is it a "sensor" and if it goes bad does that mean the fuel pump is bad too? Can they just replace the pump and not replace the Fuel Module? I was told by the dealer "the fuel module is not sending us a signal so we know it's bad " (it's not covered under my warranty). Can you tell me what a Fuel Module is and how much does it cost and do they normally breakdown because the Fuel Pump breaks down first? Which goes first??? Thank you.
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Unfortunately the Fuel Pump Drive Module is a common problem. Originally it's located under the right-rear wheel housing cover and it pretty much open to the environment.
When it fails and replacement is necessary it needs to be relocated to under the rear seats, therefor a new - extended length- cable harness and connector required. On it's new location it will be protected from the external environments and should last a lot longer. I have no idea why Ford placed this unit for its original location, it wasn't a great engineering idea.
If the extended warranty covers control modules, they should pay for it.
It's a good idea to get the fuel pump checked also.
If you post an e-mail I can send you the whole procedure that needs to be done for your better understanding.

The Volvo dealer told me the module is located under my seats and when they take out my interior, they will see the module and the fuel pump. They will determine then if the fuel pump is bad. And if the pump is bad, I'm going to try and have all the labor charged to replacing the pump since it is covered by the warranty I have. Today I asked the Volvo dealer what is another name for the Fuel Module because I couldn't find that part on-line. And even when I spoke with Volvo Manf. direct, they questioned what a Fuel Module was?? The dealer told me it is actually called a "Control Unit". I found multiple control units at the Volvo parts site but none relating to the fuel pump. The warranty does say it covers a "Control Unit" but I'm sure I'll be told that it's not the "fuel control unit" - we'll see.
Can you fax me the procedure? I don't feel comfortable giving out my email. You can fax it to 330-270-2281. Thank you Zee - I appreciate your help. Presious
Sorry, I can't fax it. You can send your e-mail to zeekerekes at gmail dot com.
The original location of the module is the wheel housing, you can see that on the manual.
The official name (from the manual): Fuel pump driver module


Sorry, I forgot the Volvo part#: 30769225
Hello, I am also about to replace the control module in a 2005 XC90. Could you please e-mail me the instructions at Thanks, I really appreciate any help you can give me. Matt
My car also stopped working while driving down the road; I brought it to a local one man shop and he said it was the fuel pump and that he has to tear out the interior to get to it. He then came back and told me when he hooked it up, it was blowing a fuse and that the drive module was fried so that needs to be replaced. He is also telling me that he has to drop the suspension, drivetrain, and tank to get to the module and he needs a new harness. So after 18 days I still don't have my XC90 back. He said there is about $800 in parts plus labor. Am I being taken, not sure how much he'll charge in labor, any idea of time? Please help.
ZeeTech- please email me the info as well. Having the same issue. Thank you in advance!
Best Regards,
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