Q: what does it mean when your car makes a grindind noise when tryin to start it? on 2005 Honda Element

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its a 05 ellement standard, i got my battery, starter, and alternator tested and all 3 items were good, what can it possibly be? I hear the starter spinning, as if its missing a catch.
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It sound like the starter gear that is supposed to mesh with the flywheel gear is not engaging properly, I would have this checked by a shop before it ruins the teeth on the flywheel and will require removal of the transmission and flywheel to fix. Usually when they test a starter its on the work bench and they can't tell that the teeth of the gear isn't fitting the flywheel properly
thank you, i didnt think of the flywheel but that u had mentioned it, it seems its possible too. so is it the starter or flywheel that causes the grindind noise,
yes either that or like global said your ignition key isn't releasing and won't disengage the starter from the flywheel
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