Q: What Does DTC code P013A mean? on 2007 Jeep Commander

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Vehicle is 4wd with a 5.7L Hemi engine with @32k miles
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P013A O2 sensor slow to respond 1/2. Chrysler code. This is a fault in the Bank 1 sensor number 2 ( "down stream " ) sensor. O2 sensors are located in your exauhst pipes and catylitc converter. Bank one is the side of the engine were the number one cylinder is located. The number 2 O2 sensor is going to be in the exhaust pipes between the catylitc converter and the muffler or "Y" pipe, or in the Catylitic converter itself. O2 sensor will be round and sticking out of the pipes with wires coming out of the sensor. Try this link
huh, if you want email me and i will send you a pdf copy of what the link says.
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