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Q: what do i need on 2001 Infiniti G20

i have to wait 15 minutes before turning the car on again after driving
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Does the engine crank over/crank over fast enough to start? Do you have a check Engine Light on? If the engine cranks over the battery and starter are most likely OK. Keep in mind an engine must crank over sufficiantly fast enough for the engine to suport combustion and run. The engine needs three things to start, fuel (gasoline), ignition (spark) and mechanical integrity (it must develop compression in each cylinder to start ie mechanical components must be in synchronization with each other. If it had run well previous to this no start condition chances are the engine is well mechanically.If the engine had run rough, driven poorly, made unusual noises, "ran hot", or switched off while driving the problem may actually be mechanical. Start with the basics and make sure the engine has strong and even compression, engine creates adaquate vacuum ect.... Had the Check Engine light been on? Check to see if the engine has "lost" spark or fuel which could be due to any one of a number of sensors having failed or the fuel pump or related components are not delivering fuel to the fuel injectors. The engine uses many sensors to report engine temperature, air flow into the engine, crankshaft and crank shaft position sensors to allow the computer in your car to make calculations controlling fuel and spark to the cylinders. It is hard to speculate without being able to hear the engine crank over and do some preliminary tests to determine the cause of your no start condition.
This problem started after i got a car wash. Could it also be a thermostat problem I hear a fan running as well. If I dont turn on heat and drive i can restart car immediately also I dont really know how to tell if I have a bad starter. I dont want to spend money on a new starter for nothing
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