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Q: What causes overheating at 70 after driving for 45 minutes. on 2001 Volkswagen Passat

100K Had an engine light and the oil looked bad. The oil pan was dropped and cleaned. Mechanic said it did not look that bad. If it runs good and oil looks good in 5k we'll do timing belt and water pump. After 4 months and 2K miles car was running fine and oil looked good. So he replaced water pump and timing belt at 102K. Within 1 week it overheated. It was while air conditioning running in stop and go traffic. In a 2- 3 mile area. In 3 visits to the mechanic who did this work as a possible solution: 1) Flushed radiator ; replaced the cluth fan 2) replaced the other fan 3) replaced thermastat. I no longer turn on the air but if the car is run on the interstate at high speed for any real length of time (30-45 minutes) it will start over heating. I turn the heater on and it sucks out the heat long enough to get home. I live and work and do 90% of my travel in a 10 mile radius.
The car sounds and drives great all the other time. I have only 105K on this 2001.But some times you have to drive 70 for about 45 minutes. Do I give up and trade it in. I only put 4-5K miles a year at tops. Take it to the dealer since this tech has not figured it out.
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Sounds like you have a blown headgasket. You need to find a shop or tech that can check the cooling system.
Thanks. Those that have looked at it say it's too clean to be a head gasket. The fluids in the system are good not mixed. I think I made a big mistake after I spent the $800 for the sludge fix. I should have just driven it till it dropped. That 1.8T is not a good engine. Thanks for you suggestion.
I really don't know who you are taking your car to have it checked out. BUT find another shop. It's clear they don't know what they are doing!
Just looking at an engine and saying it's to clean is idiotic. You need to have the cooling system checked for hydrocarbons in the cooling system. Not just somebody looking at it.
I understand radiators are not boiled out any more but replaced. This 1.8T has cost me so much lately. I guess I have to just let it die. Sad part is they usually give you more on a trade in at a VW dealer for the customer loyalty. But I don't know if I can trust a VW any more.
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