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Q: What causes car vibrating when driven on 2007 Mercedes-Benz S550

Car is ahaking(vibrating) just started about a week ago, it has new tires new brakes new rotors and it has had an alignment. Could it be the recall ball joints the car has about 50,000 miles. We are on vacation about 400 miles from home. should we have it checked?
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yes have it ck'd and have them look a the rubber driveshaft supports and joints they are a common failure
The person answering this question was right. The Mercedes "Flex discs" isolate vibrations on the driveshaft. The problem with them is, they fail between 50 - 100K miles on S550's between 2007 - 2010. You will initially feel a slight vibration when accelerating and ultimately, the shaft will constantly vibrate. There won't be any error messages however, IMMEDIATE action must be taken. By not replacing these pieces your transmission will fail. There are two flex joints and make sure you get the right ones (8 holes) specifically for the S550. They vary in price but you should be able to pick up a pair from eBay for about 190.00 each.
Thanks I need that information I am taking my car to the Mercedes dealer on Monday. My car is a 2008 S550.
I experienced a similar issue with my 2010 S550 4matic. I had replaced the tires, engine mounts, transmission mount, and flex discs, and driveshaft center bearing yet the problem persisted. It was a nearly violent shaking at 75-MPH or higher. 3 dealerships and they were all shooting the dark. Turns-out my local indy shop found the problem...the front drive bearing at the transmission was failing. Unfortunately, is a non-serviceable bearing so the entire transmission had to be replaced. But that solved the problem. And it's a known problem on these transmissions...they've been known to fail at 70K miles. They dealer price on a transmission replacement at the dealer was 5-figures. But I got a fully rebuilt transmission from a MB tranny specialist in Edmond OK shipped to the indy shop and they did the was $4K. The rebuilt transmission came with a 1-year UNLIMITED mileage warranty whereas the dealer tranny was 1-year/12K mile warranty. So far no problems since and the car drives and shifts buttery-smooth.
I have same problemin in my car S 550 and a have spend about $3500.00 first i go to dealer and diagnose and said transmission pump and Moters mount need to replaced . And i did to other place because dealers are expensive. And change front wheels bearing still same problem. Then i go to dealer again and i said I done all wark on last diagnosi. And this time they have found the problem and they fix. Now my car is running like brand new. The problem was transmission mounting was bad and it cost only $210.00
Sorry for my language and grammar. I don't know well English.
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