Q: Water and electrical issues on 2002 Mini Cooper

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I had water leak in around the sunroof of my MINI and when it found the lowest point it exited to the right of my glove box. Shortly thereafter, it was as if my car was possessed. Windows didn't go up or down, wipers wouldn't shut off, headlights come on when engine starts, AC/Heat doesn't work, door locks are shut down, turn signals don't accuate, dash lights stayed on after key was removed.
I am being told it might be the centralized processing modulator for the electrical system. They are referring me on to a MINI dealership - what am I looking at here in time and parts?
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This is good advice, you should take it to a shop that specializes in these vehicles. Water damage can get expensive quite rapidly, and until the actual damage is determined, any estimate given now would be irrelevant. For the shop to look at this, they will likely charge 1-2 hours of diagnostic time, then they should be able to provide you with an itemized estimate for fixing the water leak and the electrical problem.