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Q: want to rebuild engine at home.. on 1997 BMW 318ti

I have this 97 318ti with over 200k miles, car was runing googd until last year water pump broke accessory belt fell down while car was running, battery light turns on, then car over heated, I pull over but it was late, there was lot thick steam/smoke,
I replace water pump, it crank but wont start, take it to mechanic, he said no compression, need engine, I want to rebuild engine, need to know how to do it, how to take it out from the vehicle, what need to be replace,etc..
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this is a good question you need someone you can consult on specifics. biggest thing these days is part. new is harder to get parts. cylinders will need to be bored out. I work at a parts store that does this and most of the newer engines aren't designed to be rebuilt. If at all possible have a good long chat with someone that has done this before and get a good shop manual. if you do this at home you will need to start with proper tolls like torque wrench hoist engine stand a good garage to keep it out of the weather.
well thanks for your reply, I need to know specifics thats why I posted the question, is some one out there willing to help me out in this matter it will be greatly appreciated.
manual or automatic. front or rear wheel drive. loaded or not. usually you want to replace everything that is attached once the engine is removed. such as wires hoses belts water pump alternator. maybe ac compressor. alot of it depends on the condition and age of the parts. how far do you want to go.
well mine ti is v4, 1.9l, auto trans, rear wheel drive, and alternator , a/c compressor are good to go, water pump I already have new one, I already have cylinder head back from machine shop, now I wanted to do cylinder/engine block also to do complete rebuilt, but removing cylinder block is not easy as removing the cylinder head, thats where I need guidance now, appreciate it,
biggest issue is room. you'll want to remove rad and battery. and deactivate airbag. at this point. it is easier to remove front grill. for both of these. I will look up a few more things, and get back to you. oh and have the rad flushed. oh boy just looked it up you have to take the front end apart and pull engine and transmission together. so drain transmission and pull drive shaft first. remove as little as possible to get the engine out and keep organized. hardest part is yet to come. if you can get a buddy to help with engine. best part is aluminum block much lighter
thanks, now I am getting something I didn't know, well you are absolutely right work space inside is a big problem there is just not enough room to remove fasteners, thats why I already removed radiator fan, radiator, battery and power steering reservoir and pump also, but still I am stuck on one starter bolt, can you please tell me that how engine comes out of vehicle, 1-separate trans and engine and take out engine only or 2-take out trans first then engine or 3- they both have to be taken out together, plus how do I deactivate air bags, is not it already deactivated by removing the battery, well I appreciate your time
they all have to come out in one piece engine and transmission together. don't worry about the starter yet. since you already have the head off do you have a place to hook up the hoist. as far as airbag goes maybe. consult a mechanic for this sometimes fuse as well. never to careful with airbags. just like a shotgun in your face!
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