Q: VSS code 0500 on 2006 Lexus ES330

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2006 Lexus ES330
66,000 miles

Vehicle speed and transmissions operate correctly

Head lights in off position - no issues

Head lights in auto or on position
Internal fog and rt blinker flicker on panel
External fog and headlight reduced brightness
rt head light flickers light barely on
VSC, Trac, traction indicator check engine and ABS are on panel, it appears all lights flicker
instant MGP, odometer or speedometer don’t function
sometimes music volume changes when lights go on automatically or manually
other front rt side lights out
Code P0500 VSS A malfunction

Headlights returned to off position
VSC, Trac and check engine indicators remain on
Sometimes VSC, trac and ck eng lights reset themselves
Lights go out when battery disconnected
Car no throttle response for 1 second, downshifts 1 gear and then return to correct gear
(1) Answer
wow sounds like you have a wierd one. first, check all the grounds to be clean and tight. then you need to see if there are any codes in the bcm, ip or engine computer that may have been stored to lead the tech to the issue.