Q: Vibration when accelerating at any speed on 2002 Volkswagen Passat

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When I accelerate I get a medium to hard vibration at any speed. I had the motor mounts replaced and drive shafts with aftermarket parts, I can not figure out what the problem is. Oh the dealer looked at the aftermarket drive shafts before they were installed and said they seemed equal to the factory part.
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Do you have a Check Engine Light on? Also, is your car an Automatic? If it is an automatic, does the vibration change at all when the car upshifts? If the car is an automatic and the vibration changes intensity with engine speed, it could be a Torque Converter issue. Now, did you have the drive axles replaced or the drive shafts? ( AWD have a drive shaft ) Because it also sounds like inner CV joint vibration, which is usually felt under acceleration and will not change much at all as the engine shifts and changes speed.
Have the tires been balanced lately, you would be surprised how bad a tire will affect the ride if a wheel weight has fallen off.
Yes, I recently purchased 4 new tires, but the vibration was there before and after my new tires. Thanks for your response.
Yes, it is a front wheel drive automatic and the check engine light is on and it does change with intensity. Sometimes I feel it when I downshift. If it is a torque converter issue do I need to get it replaced? Thanks for your response