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Q: Vibration problem and much rougher ride since collision repair done on 2008 Honda CR-V

I have noticed the very irritating vibration (in both seats with it worse in the front passenger seat)especially when our 2008 is idling with the brake on in any position but park. It vibrates to a somewhat lesser degree when it is being driven. In addition, our CRV gives a much rougher ride.

The repair was a major one with "certified" after-market parts required by our insurance company. I have read that many of the after market parts may not fit together well with the manufacturer's parts and that mechanics may find ways to attach them--sometimes through bending or drilling new holes, etc. in order to attach them. I wonder if our car has changed due to this issue.

We are also looking into things such tire air pressure, condition of tires, shocks, struts, etc. and anything else that is imagineable.

The service person at the Honda dealer said that the computer cannot be recalibrated to lower or increase the idling speed and that there would be warning signs on our dash if anything else was amiss, etc. He compared ours to his perception of "Honda CRVs in general". He wanted me to agree with him that our car is now very satisfactory. The only problem with his generalization is that we KNOW OUR CAR and that we HAVEN'T gotten the car that we know--BACK. If anyone out there has ideas about some other options for us, I would be very GRATEFUL! I have a back problem that is aggravated by more than minor vibration, so this is pretty urgent. We don't want to have to sell our car, which is now just 3 years old.
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I would focus on your motor mounts. In a collision, these mounts or the attaching brackets can shift causing a slight mis-alignment that may not be seen by peering at the engine. This mis-alignment would never be picked up on a diagnostic scanner either. The normal engine vibration that the mounts are designed to dampen may be transfering excessive vibration into the drivers compartment. At times, just nuetralizing (unbinding the tension) the mounts may be enough, but they also may need replacement.
B-glaste, thank you very much for the suggestion. To listen to the Honda Service Person, "EVERY problem" is picked up by the computer and is shown with a symbol on the screen (on the dash), or it doesn't exist. After reading your answer, I'm beginning to think that the reason why they don't want to go beyond the tightening of the mounts is because that is what they did 4 days ago when it was sent there by the collision company and that is the only thing they care to do... The man actually told me today, when I personally went there with the CRV, that there was "NOTHING that could be done". Well, as I told him, we were planning on paying ourselves for their checking several things today, but he said that "customers" become frustrated when something doesn't work and they have to continue paying. This person seems to me to be an EXPERT in using generalities. His experience dictates his handling of customers, including shutting out someone who wants to pay him to check further! And, to think that we actually PUCHASED this 2008 Honda from THIS PARTICULAR DEALERSHIP! Never again... Tomorrow, I'm going to have tires, shocks, struts, etc. checked at a specialty shop with an owner that I know well and trust COMPLETELY. After that, we will be trying another dealer that we know. Thank you again for your help!! :-)
I think if it is in the seat and not in the steering wheel it is a back tire sounds like the passenger tire or back brakes.
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