2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Q&A

2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Question: vibration or hum

when im at highway speed i feel slight vibration or like hum what shoul d i look for -
Answer 1
Your cell phone. Sorry, my phone just did the same thing! Possible tire tread worn uneven, do you feel it in the steering wheel or the whole vehicle, ie the seat ect? Only at say 55 mph? More pronounced turning the steering wheel one way or the other? -
Comment 1
new tires put 2 months previous its in the seat no vib in steering wheel, 4 new tires -
Comment 2
Have U joints checked, sounds like one is locked up. Driveshaft will have to be removed to test! Start with the rear and work your way to the front. Bet there is one bad. -
Answer 2
Have your wheel bearings inspected. -
Comment 1
id like to check myself dont trust anyone if you know how to check please tell me how -