Q: Vibration on 2010 Ford Taurus

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Vibration at low speeds when turning left or right. Seems to be coming from behind radio and console.
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I would have to say that this concern is on too new a model for us to be very familiar with. I would definitely recommend a dealership look at your concern; show them first hand in the service drive what you are experiencing, perhaps ask for a tech to come witness it. This will help them pinpoint your issue, and solve your concern -- while under factory warranty!

Actually, as I'm doing some research, If you have an ALL WHEEL DRIVE version, it looks like TSB 10-22-4 may apply. It describes:

"a shudder/chatter/vibration driveline sensation during a tight turn, or a thump/clunk noise on light acceleration. These symptoms may also occur under 40 MPH on tip-in, driving uphill, or towing under heavy acceleration."

Suggests a defective PTU (Power Transfer Unit).