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Q: vibration on 2005 Honda Civic

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got a civic 2005 lx, balance wheel like 4 time, doesn't jump when i press brake, alignementis good, can feel a vibration starting at 80 km/h in all the car, seat, stearing wheel, feet, passenger side and harm rest, what is the problem?
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Did you balance both front and rear wheels? Next try rotating the wheels front front to rear. Are all tires the same size ,are the tires front and rear matched (same brand and series of tire) or at least the tires both front and both rear a match for each other. Jack up the car spin the wheels and look at the tires as you spin the wheels do the tires run "true" not wobble side to side or hop up and down looking at the thread pattern. Do the tires look evenly worn or do they show signs of "being worn in random patches on the tires thread" this could be due to worn shocks. I have seen just a bad tire that that the tire is damaged internally.
Has the car been in a bad accident?
Another thing I've seen is a bad half shaft (left or right) causing the problem. As the half shaft rotates at speed bringing power out to the wheel it sets up a harmonic imbalance.
Check the wheel bearings with the car jacked up does the wheel show signs of excess play when you move the wheel at the top and bottom and side to side. Could be many things but you are right to first look at the tires. If you feel it in the whole car at speed, it could very well be the rear tires.
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