Q: vacume leek , all hoses are good, where should i look next? on 2003 Ford E-250

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humming sound coming from air intake at idle ,During accelerating the ac stops blowing through cabin vents and starts blowing through floor and defrost vents.
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Ford is good, at hiding the parts that go bad. It is probably a main vacuum elbow, on the back right side or under the air plenium. There is no easy way to find the problem but it is easy to fix when found. run you hand around the area you think it is coming from, and listen for a change in the sound. you hear that and you are close, do a visual check of all rubber connectors on the hard plastic vacuum lines. If all fails get someone to do a smoke test for you it will show up in a few minutes.
Thank you i will give it a try. I was thinking to try and use propane by forcing it through a small hose while motor is running at idle and when the idle speed changes i will know when im close. what do you Think? And yes i do know how to use a fire extinguisher.
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