Q: update to lost power at 50 on 1998 Buick Skylark

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drove skylark when wife got home, accelerates fine til about 30mph, then cuts out, misses,won't take any more gas with more acceleration, have to back off a few seconds, then ease into it with gas pedal. Still want go past 30-40mph. 0-30mph runs normal. when we bought it 2 days ago, check engine light was already on. Guess I better hook it up to a code reader, huh?
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The wiring to the OBD connector is the same on every vehicle, you can find a wiring schematic by going here:
Check the power and ground, you may have a blown fuse.
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10-4, lawrenceg, took it to autozone and advanced auto and they couldn't even get a response on their code reader's because now I HAVE A FAULTY PLUG IN SOURCE, "when it rains it pours". Taking it to a friends and see if we can't fix the plug tomorrow. Thanks for your response!