Q: Trunk latch does not open the trunk on 2006 Toyota Camry

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45000 miles. Trunk latch next to gas latch lifts up and retracks but does not open the trunk. I have greased the trunk lock mechanism. There is no sound of any kind at the trunk lock when lifting up on the latch. The latch worked when we bought the car used but has stopped without any warning. There feels to be some resistance when lifting up on the latch which indicates the cable may still be connected. Where do I need to look?
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If cable is stretched then will need to replace and can be a pain to do because of all the access panels and covers to access for removal.
The distance between the pull lever and the trunk latch indicates how many things have to be removed, alot of times the cable will run along the floor trim where the doors close, and then next to rear seat and in thru an access behind edge of seat, may require rear lower seat removal and maybe the back rest also, if you are mechanically inclined and have patience then tackle it or have a friend help/do it, or if you have the money have a shop do it. Sometimes as you start the disassembly you find where the cable housing has come undone from an attaching point and that allows the cable to lift up away and that causes the whole problem. Simple fix then except for how much disassembly you had to do to get there. If key works then wait till you have a friend to help and tackle it but make sure you have a new replacement there when you take apart. Good luck.