Q: A/C direction flow problem & dashboard lights out on 1995 Ford Explorer

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My a/c & heating blows cold/hot air out fine, but the placement of air will only come out where the defrost is, knob turns but sruck on defrost/window. Also 1/2 my dashboard lights went out. Checked fuses, but not resolved. What would be the cost? Is there something I can do myself? (non-machanic).
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The temperature and mode functions of the AC system in your 1995 Ford Explorer should be controlled by cables. The glove box can be lowered out of the way to check their operation. If you squeeze the sides together when the glove box is open, it should lower down from the dash. As for the dashboard lights, they are commonly all on the same fuse or circuit. If only some are out chances are it is the bulbs.
Thank you, Where would I find the bulb at? Do I have to take the dash off? which fuse would it be, the one on the side of dashboard or the one under the hood? Do you know what watt I would be looking for? Thank you for all your help.