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Transmission (Red) or Power Transfer Unit (PTU) (Brown) Fluid Leaks at Axle Area on Ford Flex

Problem Description and Possible Solution

A leaking axle shaft seal and / or PTU cover seal can cause transmission (red) or Power Transfer Unit (PTU) (brown) fluid leaks at the axle area. The axle shaft seal and / or PTU cover seal may be leaking and should be replaced as required.

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Ford Flex Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 86,778 (35,800–169,000)
Drive Trains affected: 2WD, 4WD, AWD, FWD
4 model years affected: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2014
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PTO started leaking out of the vent, notcied some drops on the floor. Had the fluid changed, but unfortunately is too late. Time for a new PTO.
Recommend changing fluid every 25k or so.
Had the seal replace less than a year ago. It's leaking again, and now the dealer says the seals are fine; but it needs a new PTU to the tune of $1,700.00. Frustrating that such a great car, has such crappy dealer service.
I cat believe that ford has known about the issue with the PTU but has yet to do anything in regards to compensating or helping the customers with this.
PTU seal has been replaced by dealer 4 times and now leaks more than ever. Originally took Flex to dealer for unrelated problem and was informed seal was leaking. Leak was so minor I had never noticed it. Car has never left a drop on the garage floor. After first repair and every one afterwards, the leak has been terrible and now it's parked.
Heard a grinding sound. Took the car into Monarch Ford (Exeter, CA) they said the problem was with front axle struts, sound did not go away. Then then reshaped the right rear rotor. Sound did not go away. Then my tenant noticed an oil spot after we left for the weekly 250 mile trip to the ranch. We then got back from the ranch we discovered that the vehicle was leaking more. Called Monarch Ford again and they insisted that the front axle lube was thick and would not drip. This is in direct conflict with your website and now they are checking your website.
We noticed a small oil leak... The ford deal ship noted the leak and said it was a seal leaking from the PTU... We brought it to get fixed a week later and found out you the bearing was shot in the transfer case which was causing the leak. We had to wait 4 days to get the new PTU and it cost over $1,000 for the part and labor!
I have a 2014 Ford Flex SEL and the PTU needs to be fixed. I have 60,700 miles on my car that is 700 miles outside of warranty. The dealership is calling ford to see if they will take care of it but I am really disappointed in buying a new car for 40,000. Stay tuned
Noticed a howling noise. Took it to dealer to get it checked. I was told it is the PTU. Vehicle is at the dealership being fixed as I write this.
Clunky noise with transmission. Mechanic found tar like lubricant in transfer case. We also experienced burning smell in the engine area. Now we have to pay $2,200 to fix.
Noticed some type of dark fluid in the drive. I took it to my mechanic and he determined it was the PTU leaking. The unit was about half full of fluid. He was honest and said it wasn't something he could fix. I took it to a transmission specialist. The PTU needs a full rebuild. $1200.
Power Transfer Unit Leaked. It seems that either the leak or some other event caused the internal casing to burn up. now the unit has to be replaced at a cost of ~$1400
brown fluid drops on garage floor. Dealer said they must R& R PTU and reseal for $820.70 Hoping I can find it done cheaper somewhere else.
We are now on our 4th seal and it's now has gone bad. Dealer is saying we need a new PTU ... for a seal issue?
Transmission fluid leaked at first. ( Drive shaft seals bad) Now have leak in rear differential.