Q: Transmission Problems on 2005 Cadillac Escalade

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I have a 2005 Escalade with 86,000 on it. I brought it to the dealership to get a routine maintenance done on it (transmission flush). When I got it back, my transmission was slipping in 2nd gear and reved up to 4000rpm before shifting. They said the flush would not have done this and I believe so as well. However, around the 75000 mark, my transmission was hitting in gear hard and I had to bring it in to get it reprogrammed. Unfortunately, the car is not under warranty anymore and with the transmission done, they are saying it is $3,000 worth of work. Is there something I can do with Cadillac automotives to back up their work with a transmission going out under 100,000 miles? This is not up to par with such a luxury vehicle. Thank you
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Well there are a few opinions about transmission flushes,I dont ever recommend these as ibe seen problems after they have been done on certain types of vehicles,inside your tranny there are very small passages and some believe that the very dirt they try to force out actually gets caught in these very small openings and causes shifting problems.for many years there were no such thing as forced flushing ,just a drain and new pickup filter and new fluid and i ive never had problems especially at low mileage !hope this helps!Don