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Q: Transmission Problem on 1995 Mazda Protege

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Total Miles on car: 211K

Car drives as expected in 1st or 2nd Gear
When you switch to Drive the RPM spikes quite high.

When i get the car upto 50mph the RPM is just over 5000.

I don't dare try 65mph

The car also stutters when I'm in Drive. Often when sitting at a red light the car will temporarily stall when I attempt step on the gas peddle to go. It's as if i were hitting the gas while the car is in neutral.

I'm sure it's the transmission. How much can I do on my own before I have to fork over $$$ to a mechanic?
211k on a Protege Transmission is really a lot of miles, they are known to be a bit delicate. It is time to have some work done to your trans, could even need an overhaul. I see many Protege Transmissions go by 100k and I used to work as a Tech in a Mazda Dealership.
Thanks for that. I clearly got stuck with a lemon. it's a shame, it maneuvers so well.
Well, I really can't get rid of the car (I tried posting on Craigslist -- and I was honest);

What I'd like to do now is use it to learn with. Apart from the Car's manual, where can I get some solid technical info on the car. I think I can make turn this lemon into lemonade.
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