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Transmission Problem

(2006 Ford Fusion)
in Dallas, TX on April 08, 2009
Has anyone experienced any transmission problems with their '06 Fusion (auto, V6)? Mine has taken to slipping out of gear when I make any quick accelerations. If it drops out of I gear if I take my foot off the gas it will go back into gear once the RPMs have dropped. It also has taken to hard down shifts when I come to a stop, not all the time but most generally when it has warmed up. I took it to the Ford dealer they say the cannot figure it out and recommend a $5000 new transmission. Any thoughts? Thanks!
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on December 11, 2009
My 2006 fusion SE is now doing the same thing. it shifts by itself and then I will pull over and put in park and put back in drive then it drives perfect again. Seeing that the o6 was the first fusion made, and we all seem to be having the same issues. I wonder if they need to recall the 06's transmissions. I know i'm taking my car back to ford for service and if I find out there's an issue I will not hestitate to bring the issues and also be willing to go to court.

Ive been doing some research on the fusions. It seems like other individuals are having the same comlaints but no one seems to be filing a complaint w/ investigators of safety. if we make the complaints and do a recall on the fusion we wont have to pay.. I suggest we all file a complaint. I went on the web and typed in recalls and found investigation info and how to file an complaint
on December 11, 2009
dymd2007 thanks for the information. where did you find the information on how to file a complaint?

marianna were you able to determine what the problem was with your fusion?
on July 19, 2010
my care started haveing trans issues I got it august 2006 they brushed it off said it was fine and now I am 5000 miles out of warrenty they see it as a problem.. now what? any resources out there ?? Sheri of Sacramento CA
on September 03, 2010
I am sorry. My transmission went out 1000 miles after the warranty and they wouldnt help me. I was so bummed because I still owed like 13000 dollars on car.
on June 10, 2009
Oh my goodness! Yes, my 06 Fusion (auto, V6) is doing the same thing. I have not taken it in to be checked yet, but a mechanic friend said the transmission could be slipping because I need new tires...something about the transaxle and bald tires. After I get my car looked at, then I will come back and post the recommendation from the Ford Dealer. Let me know if you find anything else out. Thanks!
on September 03, 2009
Hello again... I have new tires and still have the shifting/transmission problem. My check engine light came on, and the code is P0735 (P-powertrain, 0-general, 7-transmission, 3 & 5 ???). I am taking it to the Ford service center on Tuesday. I will let you know what they say.
on June 10, 2009
Thanks Marianna, Keep me posted on what you find out.
on August 19, 2010
Yes i just took mine 2006 fusion in to aamco and it is going to cost me 2500.00 dollars to fix i have to take money out of my 401k just to fix it
on January 11, 2011
Yeah sounds like the ripped you on that fix. I have to get my 07' transmission done and i found one online for $650 and a mechanic that will put it in for $300. The reality with cars is that they will break down, you just have to shop around when you get them fixed.
on January 30, 2012
I just bought new tires one week ago. Just yesterday on a trip, while trying to accelerate, mine slipped two different times! I have an 06 Fusion too, V6. So new tires did not seem to help mine at all......
on April 05, 2010
Are any of you willing to join me in taking this problem to Ford? I too have started having Transmission problems at 50,000 miles on my 2006 fusion. I dont know how else to get ahold of any one else with this problem.
together we might be able to get Ford to do something about it.
on July 08, 2010
Yes What do we need to do?
on August 22, 2010
EXACT same problem, Still making payments on the piece. Very nearly got rear ended by cars doing about 50mph on a busy road near where I live when the vehicle decided to not to accelerate as I pulled onto said busy road. This is not the first time and now I have a 3week old baby that most likely is NOT going to survive a rear ending of that speed intact.
on September 03, 2010
What can I do, I am working on my third transmission and i still owe over 8000 dollars.
on July 28, 2009
My 2006 is having the same trans issues. The tires are not the problem since I have a new set.
Some info that people may not know: The trans that was installed in the Fusion that year, was outsourced and purchased from a company in Germany (Eislen) The 6F Midrange Trans was not yet in production, because the machining line was not ready. This trans was also put in some of the midsize Lincoln cars which have the problem also. 2nd&3rd gear seems to be where the problem lies. 25MPH - 38MPH. Just don't jump on it at within those speeds, if you have slowed down to that range.
on July 29, 2009
No, I have not yet taken it to the dealer. I have surpassed the 75,000 mile mark which means it is out of warranty, I fear the high Trans repair bill that I might be quoted. We can all hope that it is just a minor repair, but I don't think we can all be that lucky. I plan on taking it to the garage at the Ford Transmission Plant in my area to see if they can figure it out. I have access since I have worked in that facility on different projects. I will be sure to report back to everyone with my findings.
on September 14, 2009
I have finally found out what the issue is with the Aisin transmissions slipping which were used in the 2006 Fusion.
It is due to valve bore wear in the Main Control. If the trans fluid isnt burnt (meaning there is internal trans clutch damage) then you are looking at $800-$1000 to replace the Main Control. If the clutches are burnt the whole trans will have to be replaced cost??? something like $4000-$5000. The problem is that when Ford bought the Aisin trans, Ford did not buy the Service rights. So there are no service parts available or training avail on how to service this trans. The issue with the Main Control has been so common that Aisin has agreed to supply Ford with Service Main Controls.There has been a technical service bulletin out there. See Below
TSB Bulletin Date: FEB 2007
on July 28, 2009
rhoades - Thanks for the info. Have you taken your Fusion into a dealer? If you have, what did they tell you?
on July 29, 2009
Thanks again rhoades. Since they only included a 36000 mile warranty on the transmission on the '06 Fusion one would wonder if they foresaw some problems? Anyway, thanks for the info and please keep me informed as to what you are able to determine the issue is.
on October 14, 2010
Is this still available and if so how much does it cost?? My transmission has been the same stuff people on here are saying and I am afraid of when it might actually go out on me!! If it is a quick and easy fix maybe I won't have that problem. Have you had this replaced? Did it fix the problem?
on July 22, 2009
With these types of problems you will want to press hard on the Dealership to find an answer for you. They should have the resources available to them to find the cause of this problem. If this is common, which it sounds like it might be from the response from Marianna, then Ford may have some knowledge of this issue. Ask your dealer representative if they have checked all service bulletins and technical information from Ford, and ask if there are any software updates for this problem. Have them check service bulletins TSB 07-26-9 and TSB 08-24-1 and TSB 07-2-3 these may be related!
Find the person at your dealership that WANTS to find the problem, not the ones who want to dismiss it. Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease!
on June 02, 2010
Well ~ my transmission finally gave up today (6-02-10) right in the middle of rush hour traffic on a 8 lane street. It is now in the shop. Unfortunately, I know the transmission is going to need replaced and it will be more than I can afford. So now I am in a really bad position. I still owe on my Fusion (more than KBB value) and I have to find a way to replace a transmission out of my pocket. This really stinks. I simply don't understand why Ford hasn't taken any action to correct a problem that they clearly know exists. Did you know that the 2010 Fusions are experiencing transmission problems too? The same type of problems we list here. I agree with another person's post that this should be taken to the media, and the more people who take this to the media the better. Is there anyone in Colorado willing to go to the media with me here?
on September 03, 2010
We should all go to the Media. I live in the bay area and theres a tv show, 7 on your side and we can tell our story.
on July 13, 2013
I agree I live in ga and want to report to channel 5 consumer reports
on March 01, 2014
Going to the media isn't going to change anything, this is a common problem that occurs with all vehicle makes and models. Ford owned volvo and switched there engines to a 3.2 l six cylinder, which now start burning oil and need to be replaced anywhere between 5000 and 50000 miles. And on models before 2006 they outsourced to a gm transmition that couldn't hold up in the cars and now sever cars are on there second third or fourth transmition. There isn't anything the dealerships can do other than change the engines or transmitions on following years models.
on March 06, 2014
Your information is completely wrong. Ford used their own manufactured transmission across almost their whole line of fwd cars from 1996 thru 2005 when due to such widespread problems and complaints they discontinued that transmission and started using what they called a new line of transmissions but all they did was change a couple things (like the name). That line of fwd transmissions still has the same substandard foreign made parts that continue to fail time and time again. The 3 main reasons Ford trannsmissions fail is because of poor fluid flow which hampers cooling, fluid pressure, and poor lubrication. Second is front pump failure, which in turn causes the third which is torque converter failure.

on February 18, 2010
My 06 Fusion slips easily out of gear, also...began about 50,000; it's been awful/can hardly drive it. Fearful about getting on the freeway because it becomes stuck between gears upon acceleration, usually between 2nd and 3rd gear. It was recommended by Ford that the transmission be replaced. I also have three broken (inside) door handles (basically plastic which cracked upon attempting to open after not too many exits). Ford has to have known there was a problem with this particular vehicle. They changed engines the next year.
on March 07, 2011
I am having the same problems with my 2006 - just past 50,000 miles too. 2nd and 3rd gear are where I am having the issues too - but only when I slow down. I have had both front door handles break (1 under warranty - 1 not, which cost almost $200 to replace).
Just got a quote on my Transmission repair and was told it would have to be completely rebuilt at a cost of approx $3400 - guess I am going to the dealership next to see how bad their quote is.
on July 08, 2010
I just had my 2006 ford fusion transmission rebuilt this week The shop where I had it don said the main problem was the valve body wears out Only had 72000 miles on it They said they useley only last around 50000 miles They also said it would probably go out again in another 50000 to 70000 cost 1,800. for repair
on August 10, 2010
I had no problem with the dealer fixing the valve body after I almost lost it on the freeway and my wife rear ended someone with my 2006 Fusion, but I fear it will only last a few years. I think I am going to unload this vehicle as fast as possible.
on August 05, 2010
I had the same problem. started around 32K and went to a few diffrent dealers over the course of a year trying to get the problem fixed. The trans fully locked up at 58K miles. Now after having it looked at 5 or 6 times by other dealers this one says I need a transmission. I have gotten ford to eat the cost of the repair, and it was not a trany i needed. Ford replaced the valvebody and the tourq converter. Car has not drove this good scence 30K miles. To get Ford to cover some (if not all) of the repair you need to make the sevice manager put you in touch with the reginol service rep. They work for Ford not the dealer and they can spe nd ford's money to repair your car the dealers can't do that. Ford customer service and the dealer will give you the run around and tell you this person dose not exsit, they do and they will give you there contact if you press them hard enough. Total coast for repair to my 06 V6/auto fusion would have been $4,950; I payed $135 out the door. Ford knows about the problem, you just need to get in touch with someone who can make it right.
on July 21, 2011
thanks for this information> I am on my second 06. first was a lease I ended without issues. 2nd one I bought with 10K on the clock. it now has 45k and I have felt the slipping since 42k . this search on the forum has been helpful
on April 14, 2010
Hey everyone, I just visisted the Ford Fusion forum online at and found this interesting document and several other individuals experiencing the exact same problem. Also, check out this .pdf file from Ford.

Cheers and keep me posted!!
on May 20, 2010
I have a 2006 Ford Fusion and I have been having the same slipping problem for about 7 months and i just recently took it into the dealership, they changed my trottlebody the problem was still occuring so I took it back to the DEALERSHIP they put the old trottlebody back and said it was the transmission and told me it would cost $4100 to fix. I called the Ford corporation hotline the rep told me the information that i already knew which was the car was out of warranty, i asked to speak to a supervisor and they are supposed to call me back in a couple of days. YES SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE! If there is anything that we can do as a group PLEASE include me and I will keep in touch with the results of my transmission. THANK YOU!!
on June 01, 2010
just went over all the comments posted and I also have the transmission issue on my 2007 SE Fusion. there are couple of issues with my Fusion but Ford has shown NO interest in repairing it under the warranty. On top of that i have been paying them the diagnosis fee for nothing each time i took it in. I think we should take this to media and reveal that FORD is not what they are claiming to be. Count me in..for any thing going to FORD.
on June 11, 2010
I too have the same issues happening to my 07F Fusion 125k the only differance is that my fusion was hit in the front left and front left side wheel. I have been told every lie in the books. Something has to been done about this Ford must be called out on this, false transmission. No wonder the ford machanics do not know how to work on then much less advise porper care. Lousiana, Ford must pay!
on April 09, 2010
Yes, I am willing to join you in going to Ford. I googled 2010 Ford Fusion and many people are having the SAME problem with the brand new ones! Seems like 2006 and 2010 are experiencing the worst, but all years of the Fusion are having transmission problems.
on April 10, 2010
JoseR, Yeah I am totally up for seeing what we can get done. Mine is still slipping and jumping gears. I am gonna drive it until it drops out on the ground then I will have to fix it. Let us know what your plan is. Thanks!
on November 06, 2010
i wrote ford and cnn...i encourage everybody to do the same
on February 25, 2012
on February 04, 2010
I know this is a bit late of an answer, but I also was having issues with my 06. I have a manual trani though so it is not exactly the same issue. I was having issues getting the car to go in to second gear and when it finally did it would grind. I took it in and within one day my dealership had the issue diagnosed it turns out there was a faulty trani in some of the 06 models and they had to completley replace mine. I didn't have any issues however getting them to fix it due to my car still being under warrenty. I have been driving with the new trani for a couple years now and everything seems to be working well. I would definitally push the issue with your dealership to find out how they can fix the car.... It sounds to me Ford has a recall on thier hands that they have been avoiding for some years now.
on July 20, 2010
I have been having the same problem with my 06 fusion. I took it to the dealer once and they said they couldn't find anything wrong with it, it is now back in the shop and I am waiting for answers. Thanks to some of the responses you have gotten I can now give them some idea of what is going on if they are clueless again.

I also wanted to let everyone know that they can fill out a complaint at it also shows 15 other complaints. Maybe we can make something happen!!
on August 11, 2010
I just got off the phone with ford and got really no where, I have an 06 and tranny has been slipping for the 3 months or so...
on July 20, 2010
take the ford co to court. my 2006 ditransmission went out too.
on May 08, 2010
Thank goodness i have a warranty, i actually have my 07 fusion in the shop as we speak getting a new transmission. They have actually had me in a loaner car for a total of 3 weeks. i would love to go to ford. This is getting a little ridiculous.
on May 18, 2010
I am willing to join in with going to Ford. We purchased the 2006 Ford Fusion used a little over a year ago and have had no issues at all until recently. We had the same transmission problems so the trans was overhauled and is back again for the 3rd time as we speak. It is still doing the same thing-jumping gears, racing and reving up when stopped, etc. This is entirely out of pocket, too! Not to mention the fact that we do not have a loaner car and cannot afford to rent one. I will keep everyone posted. Thanks for listening!
on May 17, 2010
I am sooo into taking this to Ford.. I cant afford a new transmission. my car has been doing this for about a year now and currently i have 63,000 miles on it..
on June 11, 2010
try and find someone to tune it up and sell or trade dit fast.
on May 18, 2010
I just sent a link for this page to the dealership where I purchased my Fusion, I bet if all of us do this to the diffrent locations it may light a fire under someones butt!!
on June 01, 2010
just went over all the comments posted and I also have the transmission issue on my 2007 SE Fusion. there are couple of issues with my Fusion but Ford has shown NO interest in repairing it under the warranty. On top of that i have been paying them the diagnosis fee for nothing each time i took it in. I think we should take this to media and reveal that FORD is not what they are claiming to be. Count me in..for any thing going to FORD.

on August 27, 2010
My 2006 Ford Fusion V6 SEL, transmission was stuck in third five days ago. I took it to the dealer I purchased and service my car at. After a day in the shop they let me know the transmission is beyond repair and needs to be replaced with a rebuild. They wanted $80 to ship the tranny and approx. $4500 for the transmission and installation. My car has 65000 miles and the original warranty went out at 36000. Luckily, I originally leased my car and spent the extra money for the extended warranty when I bought out the lease last year.
Bad side is the Warranty Company is just as backwards as Ford. It has been five days....I have called repeatedly, they sent out a private adjuster, been in a rental car (only covered 5 days through the co), and the Warranty co is still "review the claim".
Ford will not authorize the new tranny to be shipped without authorization from me or the Warranty Co. I am not biting the cost so that leaves me s*** out of luck.
I wish Ford (and all manufacturers for that matter) would just back their products. They now it is not the consumers fault yet they won't even fit the bill to ship the transmission while waiting for the inept Warranty Co.
I did send in a safety complaint to the NHTSA.

I advise all of you to do the same, although I doubt it will do much good.
on August 28, 2010
Yea.. I've been having the same problem with my 06 Ford Fusion SEL V6 Automatic Transmission. The transmission will slam so hard into gear when trying to accelerate on to a freeway. I was recently driving my car on a fast paced highway with NO shoulder.. I was in the left lane driving when all of a sudden transmission slammed into gear the RPMs nearly red lined.. the car never went back into gear.. I had to coast a few feet to where I could safely pull over.. put the car in park turn off the engine wait a few minutes then I was good to go. I took my car into the dealer to see if flushing the transmission fluid would work.. I am at around 65,000 miles and new the car needed that. The guy asked me if I was having shifting problems I told him yea.. he said he didn't know if flushing the transmission would fix the problem.. I told him I have a power train warranty until 100,000 miles (got the car used at a Ford dealership and had it "certified pre-owned" for an extra $1,500). After I had it flushed the car seemed to be ok until a few days later when the problem came back with vengeance. I will be bringing my car to the dealer again this week to have the transmission fixed or replaced and I will make sure that Ford eats the cost of the repair. I will never own another Ford again... people should really consider filing a Civil Suit against Ford for the coast of their repairs. Every time I see a commercial for a Ford Fusion now I cringe and get sick to my stomach. Clearly there is a MAJOR problem with Fusion Transmissions if brand new off the lot 2010 ones are also having this issue.
on July 19, 2010
I have the same problem with my 2008 Ford Fusion. I'm at 38,000 miles right now and the car sometimes jolts so hard when switching gears that I feel like I'm going to be thrown from the car. It's ridiculous. I bought the car brand new. This problem started before the warranty was up, but I was too easily appeased with the BS the dealership would feed me. I was always made to feel that it wasn't a big deal and the simple maintenance checks they did would solve the problem. I wish I came across these forums earlier and realized I should have been pushing harder and that this was the beginning to a big problem. Needless to say, the problem has gotten much, much worse in just the last 4,000 miles.

If you are experiencing issues with this car take it to the dealership BEFORE the warranty expires and make sure you document your complaints with them.
on August 05, 2010
I'm the newest victim. 06 fusion + 74,000miles bought new 12/05. same exact slipping transmission problem when accelerating (diagnostic technology can't detect). Quoted $4500 in baltimore for new trans. I'm furious...I'm still making car payments on a car that needs a new trans!! would love to join a class action suit.
on August 19, 2010
I am having the same problem my trans went out and they tell me i have to pay 2500.00 to fix
on August 27, 2010
I am having a problem with my 2006 fusion Sel. started at 74000 miles. makes a noise when down shifting. taking it to ford tuesday. Len Peters Kingsport TN
on September 03, 2010
My ford fusion 2006, I bought it with 3500 miles. At 37000 miles my transmission went out. Warranty only cover 36000 miles and they wouldn't help me. Now my transmission went out again at 94000 miles, I dont have the money right now so it's just sitting here and I still owe 8000 dollars on this piece of crap. They told me the lemon law doesnt apply because it happened after warranty. I am tempted to let them just take my car and not pay anymore. What should I do.
on June 13, 2011
Iam having the same problem with my 2006 fusion took it to shop nothing comes up on computer it slows down the jerks then starts back to normalthey say it is the transmission.I gave my daughter my 1997 ford tarus and it still runs excellent. Seems like ford would do something since this seems to be a problem dont have thousands of dollars to repair and stillhave note. Always brought Ford Cars after this Fusion will look else where!!!!!!
on July 06, 2010
My wifes 06 fusion is having the same problem driven only by her at 74000 miles. The dealership told me 4500 dollars! SCREW FORD
on August 31, 2010
I agree ...........quit buying American cars wow same thing happening to my Fusion
on July 13, 2013
Mine has 33 k and began slipping a bit plus felt like it went into neutral while on 4 lane road. I originally leased it new when I was a Ford employee then bought it out at end of lease due to the fact I had 0 income at the time the lease came due. I now still owe 3300 on it. If I can't drive it I have nothing as it often is the only place I have to call my own some days.
on April 28, 2011
I am having the SAME EXACT PROBLEM, I have filed a consumer complaint online as well as with the BBB, I, all for class action law suit as well I bought the car in 9 with 49 something miles, it now has 94k & car is at shop! from what Ive been told its gonna cost up to 2500 bc im stuck in 3rd gear!
on May 11, 2011
I also have a 2006 Fusion and I think my transmission is slipping right around 30-38 mph. I have not taken it in because I don't have the money to fix it. Will the dealership give you a free estimate or do they charge you to look at it? I would be more than willing to join in a class action law suit. My e-mail is
on June 01, 2011
My 2006 Fusion is in the shop right now with similar transmission problems. After reading all these comments, I am afraid to think what it is going to cost me, especially when it looks like the "fix" is not a fix! I too am willing to join in on any action taken. If anyone is moving forward with this, PLEASE keep me in the loop! Thanks and good luck to all.
on June 16, 2011
I have a Ford Fusion 2006 V6.. WITH THE SAME ISSUE!.. I'm glad I came to this website. You guys have talked me out of doing something that was going to be a bigger problem in the future. I went to Ford and they told me they could replace my transmission at a "discount" price of $4400.. Reading the website I'm finding that that wasn't a discount at all.. Then when I told them I would drive the car into their dealership window before I pay $4400 dollars.. The service guy told me his trans guy can replace the valves for over $500 and that will buy me some time.. Like 2 months.. lol.. After I laugh about that.. I thought about trading it in for a new 2011 Fusion. After they gave me the run around, in the end told me I would have to put $4000 down, to help cover my $7000 balance on my loan.. I was so done!!! Why would I do that, i would just get the transmission fixed... Stupids... So I get on the internet and start looking for a transmission.. WHAT DO U KNOW... I found a brand new one on EBAy for $650... And I have a mechanic that will put it in for $400... But the new shiny car is call me.. So I dig deeper and find 3 websites, with people having the same issue.. Car jerking, Burnt Fluid, Trans slipping in traffic.. All happen to me to.. So why would I go $26,000 more dollars in debt and then this happens to me again. My father is a retire Ford Employee, I grew up in Fords.. This is my second Ford.. AND MY LAST... I'm DONE! Never again... I'm doing Foreign Next time.. My father retired from ford after 35 yrs and they gave him a $20 Clock.. I should've known better......
on July 22, 2011
my key has stuck in the ignition every day. Its the o ring in the button on the shift. pull it out or wiggle it out and that should click free the key. its a senor for the ignition
on September 16, 2011
I have been having the same problem since i got the car. I bought it used and luckily don't have any paments on it. I thought it was just me and now know i am not. Please pass on any info you can. I am going to call Ford and see what i can get them to do if anything. I will be out of work at the end of this month and it looks like i will have something to do with my time. Thanks for all the helpful info and I am sorry we all have to go through this while FORD makes money off of its consumers.
on July 13, 2013
Mine just did the same but ford told me 8000 to replace. I said man that's a new car. Park it and I will have it towed. It broke down 2 hrs from my house. Can drive it at 50 but does not want to shift greats. I have 174k miles. How many do u have
on April 25, 2012
Just a thank you to everyone who posted on this site, especially those who linked the service bulletins. My 2006 Fusion SEL V6 (69,000 miles) started shifting funny yesterday. I drove straight to the dealer from work. No service lights came on, but something was obviously wrong. I immediately started looking up transmission issues and found this site. I printed the service bulletin linked here also. The dealer called me today and told me the same thing that several people here mentioned - valve body needs to be replaced and will cost about 2k. This is exactly what I expected after researching the issue here and reading the service bulletin. I'm not happy given that I've had cars go 200,000 miles without ever needing transmission work. In Ford's defense, I will say that I've never had a single issue with the car until now (other than replacing a burned out tail light bulb). It's been perfect for 69,000 miles. We'll see how it works when I get it back. BTW, my rental while my '06 is in the shop is a '11 SE. I have to say the 4 cylinder is a dog compared to my V6 - glad I went with the V6. I do like the interior updates on the '11 though.
on March 18, 2013
This happened to my car when I purchased it used with 72k miles. The transmission would build up pressure and would not down shift once I stopped the car. I would have to cut off the engine and start the car again to get it to shift back into first.
My dealer replaced the entire transmission.
on March 20, 2013
same problem. I have found that putting gear shift into neutral turn key to off (Not the lock position)and restart car thus resetting the computer. this allows the the shift solenoid(s) to shift properly (NOTE THIS SHOULD ONLY BE DONE IF YOU ARE CONFIDENT THAT YOU HAVE IT IN THE NEUTRAL POSITION AND CAN KEEP CONTROL OF THE VEHICLE )
on June 11, 2013
this is the same thing mine doing. took it to riverside ford in macon ga could find nothing wrong . but told me a new transmission $4400.00 i think they need a recall on them
on June 11, 2013
finally took my 2006 fusion into AAMCO they put in a new valve body gave me a one year warranty.drove the hell out of it last weekend without any problems
on June 17, 2013
That is good to hear. As soon as I purchased my 2006 Fusion SEL 2 months ago I noticed the hard shift and a rattling noise. I have only drove my car about 5 times since I got it. I took it to get the inspection sticker as soon as I picked it up from the dealer from being serviced 3 times. I received the TSB report. Took it back to the dealer the next morning with the TSB report. They are finally replacing the heating shield pan and valves on the transmission. I think I am getting on their nerves, lol. Hopefully this will resolve the issues. Without the TSB report they kept telling me it was no problem but heard the noise as well. I really love the car. Wish me luck.
on April 10, 2015
Have you been regularly doing your trans tune ups? If so I would recommend you use and see what you could find with low miles, then pay some one 600$ bucks to swap it! that way high end your looking at like 1400$ but remember on these newer cars trans fluid should be changed every 30K miles. and only use Motorcraft Mercon - LV. The filter on these trans are not removable. and tend to get clogged more often. which I suspect is the issue with shifting. The ports get plugged and can no longer pump the fluid where it needs to! which then burns out transmission. reason why I love manuals.
on April 16, 2015
Thanks for your answer. Guess what? I did the oil change and installed the oil cooler as I said one month and a half ago. The car has been working very good with a minimum slippage in lower gears (1 & 2). All other gears work as a brand new car, and in fact, the shift lever is a better way softer in operating effort. I know its normal that the oil gets dirt a little bit and being consistent with what you just said I am going to install a temporary oil filter to evacuate most of dirtiness and repeat procedure every 10k miles or less. I also changed my driving style because I discovered I am causing it to slip because I don't step on the gas to initiate movement, thinking in saving gas (this is an error as long as you don't exaggerate). So far, I feel happy with mi rig and I expect to keep going that way for long time (you always try to save as much as possible).
On the other hand, Ford Dealers does not recommends oil changes for these transmissions. They are wrong because they do not know these details. By the way, I have never done a trans tune up.
on March 03, 2016
I also have that problem. Took to a trans specialist who in turn took it to a ford dealership and together they couldn't fix or figure out why it done this...they kept it for 2 months..still no clue....
on August 31, 2010
Yes ............and feel like crying
have 80,000 miles...... on it still owe on it , husband bought it for me brand new
wish i did not buy American ,..................Ford should recall the transmission problem
on September 03, 2010
I know the feeling. My ford fusion has 94k and its the 3rd transmission. I wonder what we can do. I called detroit ford center and they did nothing for me. They all suck.
on September 10, 2010
For all of you having this problem i would like for everyone to understand. We have had the same problem with r 2006 ford fusion. And it took use over a yrs of have this problem in and out of dealer. Having they tell use nothing wrong with it to them updating the computer because that's what the TSB said to do. And nothing worked. While they finally decided to take the transmission out and go thur it to c what failed. While when they did this they had to go into the service manual to c the procedure of the tear down is . An the manual reads if there is any failure or burnt fluid to replace it. This is a throw a way Transmission. The ford dealership parts and service said they can't even get any replacement parts. Just a little FYI!!

I do have a warranty so the cars transmission is finally being taken care of. But I'm worried it will happen again since they are putting they same trans in. Don't think i will be keep it very long after i get it back.

Not sure what we can do about this problem, but something needs to be done!! SOON before someone gets hurt or killed!!!!
on September 16, 2010
Ok.. So after I posted my original post on August 28, I took my car to the dealer the next day. The dealer looked at my transmission and came to the conclusion that the "megatronic" went bad. The megatronic is the main control in the transmission that tells the it how to shift properly. The dealer had my car for 3 days counting the day it was dropped off. That part alone would have cost me $2,500! The part and labor was covered under my power train warranty. It's been about 2 weeks now that I got the car back and its been driving like new-ish. I don't know if I will end up buying another Ford ever again.. I definitely will NEVER buy another Ford with out a warranty. If people are still having this issue and Ford will not repair the transmission I think your best bet would be to have them price the job then shop around to see if Ammco or another transmission specialty shop will be able to fix it for cheaper. Telling people to replace the entire transmission is stupid when it seems at least from my experience that it is only one part that is consistently going bad. So if your bringing your car into the shop tell them to check the "Megatronic" or Main Control before you go ahead and have them replace the entire transmission with another one when the same part will go bad. Good luck everyone.. and if my problem comes back I will be sure to let you all know..
on September 20, 2010
My 2006 Fusion did this for over a year and just kept getting worse. Finally had it fixed in August - $2018.00 for a new valve body. It drives like new. I guess I can't complain since it is well out of warranty and if it doesn't happen again, it's worth it. I love my Fusion. It's just difficult to come up with that much money on a fixed income.
on April 27, 2010
i have a 2006 ford fusion also and it started at 43000 miles just out of the 38000 mile warranty i have decei ed to keep driving it but now it slips a lot more am now afraid to put it on the freeway but ford said it needs a new transmission and i did take it to another shop and they have said it is also defective there is no fluid leakage or warning lights
on April 27, 2010
i am also willing to join with others having the same problem i will be putting in a complaint with ford this should not be happening to such new vehicles and it is a huge expense let alone i will never buy a ford again
on May 20, 2010
you need a tramission bc the spider gears are going out you need a new tranny
on September 18, 2010
The problem is the transmission control valve body wears out on these transmissions. See if you can't find a really good independent transmission repair shop that can get a rebuilt valve body for the car. The trans will have to come out and be checked internally.

on August 05, 2017
V6 ford fusion...transmission it's your shift have 6 or 5....ever witch you have...change them...and your car will be back driving smoothly again
on March 20, 2013
on March 02, 2015
Yes, I think I am having the same problem. I drive a 07 Fusion 3.0L, AF21 6 spd transmission. After some web research, I am about to do this: add a good flushing product and then evacuate as much old fluid in the trans as I can (with the aid of a recirculating equipment), add new Motorcraft fluid as the old is recirculating out. After that, I am going to install an oil cooler in order to keep trans fluid as cooler as possible (I already got the cooler). The reason for the cooler is that I have observed the transmission works as good as a new one when under cold weather. It is a pain on the neck in warm weather and slow traffic conditions. Conclusion: All Ford owners MUST have to install an oil cooler in their cars/vans because Ford designs cars to be used in cool weather conditions. If you do this when you buy a brand new Ford, you are going to enjoy your transmission working good for ever. In fact, I have a Ford Escape 11 waiting for the oil cooler installation.
on February 01, 2013
Same problem. Took my car to transmission repair. They were able to duplicate the problem, identify the problem but can't fix. Must go to dealership. Technical Service Bulletin issued. Reference Number(s): 08-2401, Date of Issue: Dec 8, 2008. Valve body may need to be replaced and TCM (transmission control module)/PCM (can't remember what other control module) updated to latest calibration. Refer to WSM, Section 307-01B for main control valve body replacement. Basically repairman says replace bad valve, wipe computer and reprogram it. Only dealership can handle. Has to do with the AISIN transmission made in Germany and company didn't buy service agreement. AISIN company will provide replacement units.
on May 27, 2015
We brought 2006 Fusion for my son (not even an year ago) and two weeks ago transmission went out on his way to pick up his brother, thank goodness it was just down the street, he said it jerked a little, it had been shifting hard the last couple of day's and then wouldn't go ... we towed it to a shop thinking we could just re-build the transmission , get a call from the mechanic saying that he has never seen one like this he said the whole thing is toast inside no way to re-build was not salvageable so now we are on the hunt for a used transmission not even sure it is worth it.
on June 17, 2015
I got the same reply from the actual Ford dealership
on June 17, 2015
My wife's just went out after experiencing these problems on a road trip. The Ford dealership tried to charge us $8000 to replace the transmission. Not going to happen.
on August 06, 2010
Ford place did the same thing to me They don't have parts for mind
on September 28, 2010
on October 05, 2010
my 06 fusion v6 (pretty one at that) had replaced a cam shaft, factory failure on a cracked sub frame,(not on warranty) just had to re-flash the computer,(not on warranty) now its been hestitating since the cam shaft they never could find a problem in the computer with it.
I just took it for a test drive with the mechanic he said it was one of the two transmissions ??? I never heard of two so tomorrow I bring it in for them to look into it.
on November 10, 2010
on November 30, 2010
I got mine (2006 fusion sel) used at a dealership 5 months age, at 41k miles. I bought the 5 yr extended warranty (thank god!) and about 2 months late I noticed some slipping but not too bad, kept telling my husband I was thinking it was the transmission, and he said no it couldn't be. ha ha So right after it hit 51k I felt it pull hard when I went to go, the engine light went on and I quickly pulled over and had it towed to the dealership I bought it at, as that is the one where my extended warranty works with. Well they tried to repair it, about 1 week and a half of them having it he couldn't get the reverse to work. So finally they replaced it with a used one. It took 3 weeks and of course ford was tricky and they could only replace it with another 2006 model. It has 36k miles on it and I told the guy we will be back once it hits 51k. Sucks, I like my car, but it still just does not feel right when I drive it anymore.
on December 01, 2010
same deal here, transmission would shift out of a gear, car would rev up to high if i wasnt careful, then transmission would shift violently back in jerking the car around. called ford, they said they couldnt do anything but said to report it to the nhtsa if i thought it was a safety concern(yes). i would advise anyone who sees this and is having the same problem to do so ( call or do an online report at the nhtsa site). The more people who report a problem with legitimate concerns for safety the more likely it is to be investigated and if they do find something a recall may be issued
on January 08, 2011
I have the exact same problem as well with our Ford 06 SEL V6. The car is currently at 64k but it showed the symptoms around 55k miles. When it first happened, I took it to a Ford Dealer and they couldn't figure it out. It was off and on so it was rather difficult to mimic the problem again. As time progresses, it got worst and I took to the dealer again this time they told me it will cost me around $2300 to repair the valve. No way to pay for such amount for only 64k mileage.. It is absolutely dangerous to drive in the freeway as you never know when it will go into free gear and nothing you can do about it. Does it need to end up with deaths for Ford to investigate and recall???? For sure, I am not buying any American car ever again...
on January 13, 2011
I just dropped my 2006 Fusion SE to the dealer for the trans slipping and downshifting hard. Milage at 59K. It seemed to act up most when going 40-45mph. It would slip so bad I couldn't go forward and the engine light would come on. After stopping and turning the ignition off and back on it would run fine for awhile. Ford needs to recall these junk transmissions. Luckily its still under warranty.
on January 19, 2011
I stand corrected. After having the car for a week the dealer said it is not under warranty since I am the 2nd owner. Of coarse the problem would not happen when they test drove it for 2 days. The dealer would only update the PCM Flash and said the only other 2 fixes would be to replace the Valve Body($1700) or replace the transmission($5000). So I am hosed. This may be my last Ford ever. I am all for signing up for a class action lawsuit to get this recall rolling.
on January 19, 2011
I'll sign up email me.
on January 24, 2011
I too will sign up Bought mine new Been doing that same thing since 80000 miles I to still own My last ford to buy
on January 25, 2011
Been very civil dealing with Ford customer relations trying to see if they will help us out but by the 2nd email they basically said "Your scr*wed". So please everyone got to the NHTSA website and complain about the lack of safety & poor quality of the transmissions. Website:
on February 02, 2011
I only see three emails, If you guys can, please leave your email, so I can get a hold of you and maybe we can get the ball rolling, thanks. Now my engine is going out.
on February 16, 2011
I have an 06 Fusion SEL v6 with an automatic transmission. Since about 38k (2000 miles out of warranty) The tranny has been crazy. Any time I try to accelerate to pass, or speed up it bangs and jerks like a rollercoaster. I've almost driven off the road a few times because of how hard it bangs. Now it's got about 48,000 on it and I've been trying to take it easy on it, and so far it's still alive. I'm afraid to take it in, because I don't have the 2100 or 4500 or however much money to repair the tranny.... My email address is, I'm ready and willing to help get this problem fixed by any means possible.
on February 19, 2011
on March 15, 2011
I have an 06' Fusion that was purchased used. It now has just over 55,000 miles showing. I recently noticed a service light is on in the dash. I took it to the local Ford dealer where I purchased it and was told the transmission would have to be replaced at a cost of just less than $5,000. At this time the car shows no outward signs of any problems other than the light being on in the dash. I'm willing to complain to Ford. This is rediculous. My e-mail is
on March 30, 2011
Well, I finally decided to write Ford after all this has been going on. What I received in reply was a very general, possibly automated "take it to a dealership and pay for the parts to fix it, if it needs any" email. Pretty disappointing. I'm still interested in pressing this issue with Ford if anybody is taking the reigns on this thing.
on April 05, 2011
I have a 2007 with 92k miles and my transmission is slipping and jerking hard. Is there anyway to do a class action law suite.
on June 07, 2011
I also have the same problems with 07 Ford Fusion 6 cyl. I bought it in 06. I am the first owner and also afraid to take it in to ford since it is out of warrenty. My e-mail address is I am also interested in taking part of any class action lawsuit.
on June 24, 2011
I have an 06 Fusion SE V6. I have been having the same transmission problems with my car but the service light has NEVER come on!!! I have also had the key stuck in the ignition!!! These problems are getting rediculous and to have Ford not cover them is just not acceptable!! I can't tell you how long the transmission problem has been going on, it started sometime last year I believe and has just gotten worse!! To the point my kids ask me "Mom what was that?" They need to do a recall on these transmissions and get new ones for these cars! They should not be replacing them with the same transmissions! I love my car other than these problems and I still owe on the damn car!! if anyone in MN is pressing this issue or if it could all be tied together!
on June 24, 2017
I just had this issue. We replaced the throttle body unit. The code my car threw was throttle positioning sensor and its built into the whole body of the unit. About a 200$ fix and maybe and hour or two to put in. So far it hasnt 'jumped' gears or big down. Sope this helps some of you :)
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