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Q: Transmission or some kind of electronical issue? on 2005 Mercury Montego

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I have a 2005 Mercury Monrego Premier AWD w/ the CVT transmission. I have owned it for 5000 miles. I love the car and had no problems until I started it one night and had only idle, no acceraltion or would it shift into gear. The check transmission light came on. After several tries my husband got it to go into gear if he shifted while turning the ignition switch to start. We then could put in in reverse or drive but it wouldn't go much over 30-35 mph. We have had it to a dealer with no results other than telling us they put in a different transmission for $5600 and no guarantees that that is the absolute problem. We now have it at a transmission specialist who is trying to figure it out. My personal belief it that it is some kind of sensor or electrical issue. It's been 1 month since this all started and still no answers or car to drive!!
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Unfortunately, there are very few specialists for this CVT unit, as Ford only offered it for 3 years, and did not provide much training for the unit to technicians at dealerships. Having been involved in a few Ford shops, I can tell you that most transmission specialists at the dealerships are less inclined to be very familiar with them.

Couple this with the fact that there are very few units out there in operation, and you have a perfect storm, if you will.

I can tell you that the CVT's are largely trouble free in these vehicles. So that's one point.

Your concern sounds exactly like an electronic throttle body failure. This is extremely common with this vehicle. You will even get the same warning light -- the wrench light -- for this concern. I am unclear as to why a transmission concern was theorized - except that there were probably failure codes in the processor for it. So, my armchair diagnosis may be indeed wrong.

They didn't make YOU pay the $5600, did they?!

Good luck.
I walked away from the total transmission choosing instead to search for another answer. You are the second online answer that came up with the electronic throttle body! Now I'm taking that to my local mechanic and starting there. Thanks
Yes, yes yes. Glad you did not drop the money on a guess.

Now, there are some possibilities with the CVT, like the "mechatronic assembly" which can be a kind of catch all for electrical / mechanical concerns. But even it is expensive and a gamble. The dealer you dealt with merely guessed at the transmission based on your concern and a lack of expertise. Good decision on your part.

My only problem is -- a statement on your message center that said "CHECK TRANSMISSION" would not be a throttle body...
Ok here's a real kicker. I went to get it from the tranmission place to take it back to my mechanic so he can explore the possibility of the electronic throttle body. When I drove it the 5 miles to my mechanic there was NO problems at all! It accelerated and the transmission was perfect! It ran as if there was never a problem! NOW what to do?? My mechanic is still going to check out the throttle body.
Well, intermittent problems are a reality with electrical components. Could be transmission related, could be throttle body related. You may need to drive it a bit until the problem occurs, even though I know that's inconvenient...
When the dealership replaced the transmission, there should have been a guarantee that the car was properly repaired, not just a guess!
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