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Ford Fusion Transmission Oil Leaks from Left Side Half Shaft Area

Ford Fusion Problem
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Model Years Affected: 2009, 2010, 2011

Drive Trains Affected: Automatic Transmission, Manual Transmission

Average Mileage: 62,566 mi (2,015 mi - 112,000 mi)


If the transmission oil leaks out of left side half shaft area, it may be from a worn axle shaft seal. The seal can be damaged by a poor surface finish on the axle shaft. The axle shaft and seal should be replaced to correct the problem.

  • Visitor, , Automatic Transmission, 61,098 mi

    I found a leak on the left side of the car when it was getting a regular oil change. Had the left side axle and seal into transmission replaced, about two weeks later I discovered another leak in the same place. I was told by the Ford Dealer that the warratty ran out after 60,000 miles. It shouldn't matter about the warranty when the problem is from the factory. Come on Ford get with the program.

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  • Visitor, , Automatic Transmission, 47,000 mi

    Took my car in for a regular oil change and the mechanic discovered I had a leak in the axle shaft so now I am sitting with a loaner car waiting for a backordered part and no idea when I will get my car back.

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  • Visitor, , Automatic Transmission, 53,000 mi

    During Oil change informed of a leak and given the $500 bad news estimate. Looking for a mechanic to do the fix as I don't think Ford deserves the cash on this one.

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  • Visitor, , Automatic Transmission, 66,000 mi

    starting leaking transmission fluid from front left side. I had it towed to repair shop and the cost is 230.00 for parts, 60.00 for transmission fluid and 440.00 for the labor. Seems outrageous what they are charging for labor and this is at a Ford dealership.

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  • Visitor, , Automatic Transmission, 54,000 mi

    Seal, bushing and axle shaft were replaced on Left side at Ford garage under warranty. The same problem re-occured about a month later. Taking it in to get fixed again. Hope they fix it right this time. What a JOKE. Last Ford product I will buy.

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  • Visitor, , Automatic Transmission, 57,000 mi

    Transmission Fluid leaks seal at left CV joint. I took it to have it serviced due to slipping/ jerking when changing gears. Total of repairs cost me over $500.00, 4 days later, seal is broken again and needs to be replaced again. Ford needs to Recall this vehical...after seeing hundreds of exact same issue!

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  • Visitor, , Automatic Transmission, 40,000 mi

    clunky bucking intermittent leaked out quarts over time Replaced half shaft seal and bushing to fix from a TSB

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  • Visitor, , Automatic Transmission, 62,000 mi

    Jerks while shifting. Dealership is asking for $700 for halfshaft replacement.

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  • Visitor, , Automatic Transmission, 62,000 mi

    Ford rocks...found the problem when I brought it in, ordered parts and covered labor all under warranty.

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  • Visitor, , Automatic Transmission, 95,000 mi

    Leak from left side axle seal and burnt tranny fluid. 3-4 year old car....come on. Apparently it is a self replicating problem, if i replace seal it will wear out in no time. Going to try some thicker lucas oil, hopefully this helps

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