CV Half Shaft Assembly

The CV (constant velocity) half shaft (or drive axle) is a mechanism that transmits power from the transaxle/differential directly to the wheels. It is comprised of both an inner and outer CV joint, CV boots, and clamps.

Symptoms of Wear or Failure

  • Clicking sound when going around corners
  • Vibration when traveling at freeway speeds

Related Repair Advice

  • A torn axle boot can be replaced without replacing the complete axle assembly. However, unseen damage may have occurred to the axle joint resulting in problems later on.
  • An axle half shaft replacement is often recommended if the part has been removed during another repair and inspection shows that it is worn and due for replacement
  • We recommend using new replacement CV axle shafts. Due to the dropping part prices, it has become very economical to do so, and new units are much more reliable than rebuilt units.