Q: transmission fluid on 1998 Volvo S90

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finding dipstick and fluid cap how far down is the dipstick i see where it possibly could be but no yellow square
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The dipstick for the transmission is a bit difficult to access. It is on the drivers side of the engine, towards the firewall. It has a square yellow top on the dipstick. It's kind of difficult to remove because of the metal clip on the tube housing, but if you turn the dipstick 1/4 turn, it will come out pretty easily.
Make sure the vehicle is on flat ground, transmission warmed up and pull the dipstick out, clean off and recheck for the proper level. Fluid is added into the dipstick tube with a funnel.
Good Luck
I was searching for my tranny dipstick to no avail. There is nothing in the manual that tells you where to find it. The manual tells you to check it every 5000 miles, but does not tell you HOW to check it. Ah, Volvo. You are nothing if not consistent. Anyway, I was trawling through the internet, looking for some guidance and found this answer. This is my 4th Volvo, and I know where the other dipsticks were located, but still could not seem to find this one. However, once I started looking for the yellow square, it jumped out at me. Thank you, Bret! If I have any other questions, I will start with you.