Q: transmission coolant system leaking transmission oil on 1994 BMW 530i

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I took my 1994 530i in for new valve cover gaskets. It came back leaking oil all over the garage floor. (brand new leak). I take it back in and they say, oh, what a coincidence, your transmission coolant system is leaking oil out of your transmission.You will need to replace this and it will cost over $600.
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sounds like you picked the wrong shop. any reputable shop
would have the conversation before you left their shop.
get a second opinion from a good BMW specialist (and he
will have a parking lot full of BMW's)
Thank you. I think you are right. Our local BMW dealer is just as bad. If anyone knows someone in the Portland, Oregon area that is trustworthy, and that would not be Rasmussen, I'd love to know about them.