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Traction Control Warning

(2005 Chevrolet Cobalt)
in Wilmington, IL on June 03, 2010
My daughters '05 Cobalt keeps displaying a Traction Control Warning on the information center. This has happened 4 times now that I'm aware of. The last time was June 2 , 2010. All episodes have been in the last 3 mos. This latest one caused her to lose control of the vehicle and almost ended up in a 3' deep ditch. When the car is turned off , put in park and restarted , the warning is gone. Anyone else have this problem?
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on June 08, 2010
Yes I own a 2006 Chevy Cobalt SS Sedan and the traction control light comes on periodically,.... when I am at a stop light and proceed the car shifts to another gear it goes on and the automatic shift are jerky and rough.....It gotta be some sort of recall don't you think?
on June 10, 2010
Yes I think this should be a RECALL ISSUE. It is a serious safety issue. EVERYBODY who has a COBALT and has experienced this problem should get on board and maybe we can effect a RECALL NOTICE by Chevrolet
on March 10, 2015
I have the same car and it was doing the same thing so i replaced the crankshaft position sensors in it and it's not shifted hard since.
on June 17, 2010
The same stuff is happening to my 08 chevy cobalt! Did you guys find anything out
on June 24, 2010
My daughters' car is presently at our GM dealer , I was told that it could be a loose wire or a computer module may need to be replaced (575.00) plus labor , it is definitely a communication problem. We NEED a RECALL on this , as it could be a SERIOUS SAFETY ISSUE. She already narrowly avoided one accident
on December 23, 2014
this just happened to me I turned my cobalt off and back on the t/c light was still there and still shifting hard so I pulled in a gas station checked the oil it was really low I put a qt of oil in it light went off immediately and shifts smooth again idk why that worked or had anything to do with the hard shifting but its been great ever since
on June 22, 2010
I have an 08. It usually occurs in reverse it acts like its going to die then says Service Traction ...Service ESC. It then jerks through the gears and its scary. Please post if you find a solution.
on June 24, 2010
Posted 2 responses , one to "Anonymous" 6/17/10 and one to "Anonymous 6/23/10. Please read and respond to GM or CHEVROLET. SGTHULKA , Wilmington , Il.
on January 11, 2011
Hi. not sure if this will help but I had the same issue with my 2005 Chevy Cobalt. Here is how I went about getting it fixed, which I think it is, so far. I have driven it with no recurrence thus yet but again I will need to drive it alot to confirm. Make sure GM gives you a 'service request claim number' You can contact them via email at, they replied to me and called within a day, make sure your message makes it VERY clear this is not ok and they will most likely call you ASAP.

First, call GM or email them your complaint and ask that they file a claim to help pay for the issue, I did and they said they couldn't promise anything but I got out of the entire deal owing only $90 for labor.

The fix they did on my car was:
1. They checked for errors and got U2105 and U2107 error codes
2. The fixed by replacing the circuits for terminals 2500 and 2501
3. They rechecked for errors, and none were found

NOTE: The dealer said GM is aware of this issue and they are the ones who suggested the fix, I strongly suggest going through GM, trust me the dealers will be alot more helpful knowing that you are going to report back to GM on your service.
on March 16, 2011
i have the sameproblem onmy 08 cobalt,going to dealer tomorrow
on August 22, 2012
Bought a 2006 Cobalt just 3 months ago for my 16 year old daughter. While driving to school the other day, she got the TCS warning light and power steering went out. Just had new power steering pump put in 2 weeks ago. Took the car to the dealer and they can't find anything wrong. So for those who had circuits 2500/2501 replaced, did that resolve the problem, or can anyone tell me what the proper solution is? I don't my daughter, as an inexperienced driver, to end up trying to deal with a car without power steering while driving on her own. Thanks!!
on July 06, 2010
You can make a safety complaint by going to this address.. this will get the government involved and investigate this issue.
on December 15, 2010
Well , we are into December now (snow and ice) , my daughters' Cobalt has been in to 2 different dealers WITH the traction control warning light on. She was told that it is throwing multiple codes and they need to be driving her car when this happens in order to better diagnose the problem. Unfortunately , it could happen on the first day they have it or it could be a month or more and my daughter must go without a vehicle during this time , however long. She cannot afford that as she will lose her job. Sure do hope this doesn't cause her to be in an accident this winter. Then it will turn into a lawsuit against Chevy or GM.
on January 01, 2011
I own the 2006 Chevy Cobalt Sedan SS and after 5 trips to the dealer they fixed it!!
I have no problems with the traction control......this is what my GM dealer did...they first swapped parts from a new Cobalt SS off the dealers lot to see if there were any computer codes that would reappear and yes it did happen again, so they kept my car overnight and did the same thing with swapping parts out of a new car on the lot, again it happened, so I suggested they look at the automatic transmission which I told them to look at in the they downloaded something for the computer for the shifting of the gears I guess and it runs like I had just drove it as a new car!.........I got it done under warranty too!
I guess the Canadian GM dealers know what to do now!!
on November 04, 2010
I too have a '05 cobalt. Just recently my traction control and abs lights came on. When the car is put in park and cut off car, they reset them selves but eventually come back on while driving. I was advised to take my car in by chevy to a dealership for diagnostics. Doesnt help much since my warranty is complete. They said they will fix it if it is a defect. I believe a recall needs to be done on this matter.
on November 04, 2010
Hey everyone, been back and forth to the dealer 4 times in the past week, with that problem,yes it did cost $ 500.00 Canadian the first time.. the second time I, well lets say I was concerned and they said they fixed it....Bull S...!
The third time will be tomorrow (Nov, 5th 2010)...stay tuned!........Hey everyone again,
I have been told that it was the after market Air Filter....they told me to put a genuine GM Air Filter in the car......again Bull Sh#$! ....Going back again on Monday ( Nov 8th 2010) and have them do a complete diagnostics on the Automatic Transmission, I still have warranty on the Powetrain, after that I if it is not fixed, my dealer said they will go to bat for me when I talk to GM Canada about my car, just paid it off too! (74,850 KM).
I have owned 3 GM products over the years and guys, that's it.... once I get this fixed I am trading this car at another car company other than GM.......they lost me...... from the Power Steering fiasco, ABS, Traction Control and the heater fan Gm is another step closer to the automotive grave yard!
on June 23, 2010
i have the same problem mine is throwing 5 different codes all for the same problem the chevy dealer says it has to be doing it for them to figure it out hopefully someone will figure out whats going on with it
on June 24, 2010
I was told that if the warning comes on again and if my daughter is able to , she sould bring her car in to our GM dealer so they can pull the code , which she did 6/23/10. COMMUNICATION PROBLEM. Please read my response to "anonymous 6/17/10. I just sent an E-MAIL to GM (Chevrolet) about the problem and others with similar if not the same problem , suggesting a RECALL before someone DOES lose TOTAL control of their car and is seriously injured or killed in an accident. Everyone , GOOGLE GM or CHEVROLET and do likewise. Maybe with enough of us , they will do a recall. These computer modules are'nt cheap!
on June 25, 2010
My light came on the other day, and I thought nothing of it. The rear tire was low, put air in it, and the light went off. Well, today I was driving to work, stop @ a stop sign, start going again, the light came on, lost complete power, car shut off, luckily I was able to get to the side of the road, but it won't start. I've tried all day long now. I try to turn it over, it makes no sound, lights come on, then turn ignition, but nothing. I tried to jumpstart, and nothing still.
on July 06, 2010
I just had the same happen to my 06 Cobalt SS yesterday. The traction control light comes on and shifts are very ruff. I was able to make it home, and this morning the light was on, but eventually turned off while driving. Wierd, why all the problems lately?
on July 08, 2010
i have the exact same issue with my 06 ss. tires slip traction control disables and gears bang. brought it to the dealer and awaiting call. i was reading on other sites about the ebtcm being bad which also controls the abs. have also had issues with that light. other than that i have never had a serious problem with this car
on November 11, 2010
All this Traction control problem happened first when my Power Steering went out and had electrical problems ever since....but I have power steering now LOL!! since the recall was done but same thing, Traction control light goes on , I shut the car off turn it back on and go, untill it goes into passing gear and it come s back on I'm even shutting the car off in neutral when I am driving so I can get the traction control light to go off, I do not suggest any of you try to do that ! unless you a very careful!!
on July 14, 2015
I'm also having the same problem with my 09Chevy Cobalt LT. When I'm stopped at a light or sometimes backing out of a parking place the serves traction light and the engine light comes on when it bums really hard?
on August 09, 2010
yes. my 06 has the same problem and chervrolet is dicking me around. but the hard shifting is linked to the traction control, in that the transmission goes into protection mode when their is failure in the traction control mod. To fix the issue you need a new traction control mod. the part is apx 500 dollars.
on October 14, 2010
i have an 07 cobalt doing the same thing also check engine light is on....does this seem like same prob
on October 14, 2010
I am going to try getting this repaired through warranty, I bought this car in October 2006...I think I still have a chance, as this problem is making the automatic transmission shift hard, and the transmission is part of the powertrain.
on September 12, 2016
Tonight I was driving in my 2007 Cobalt (80,000 miles). A sound pinged, the battery warning came on. I have a brand new battery. It went off as I drove so I thought perhaps I had left a light on or something and now all was well. So I went on the freeway where I felt a little loss of power. Then the Service Traction light came on. It was scary. Luckily (miraculously!) I was near the exit where my mechanic is so I made a quick exit. By the time I pulled into the parking space there, I had no power and no steering ability. What if I had not made that quick exit? My car has been recently serviced, oil changed, well cared for. I will find out more in the morning when he opens. But it was truly scary. Thank you, Uber for taking me home!
on December 15, 2010
I just got these light warnings in my 07 Suburban today. All the answers given are a big help in hopefully getting this solved for me. I'll post back later to let you know how it goes for me.
on December 31, 2010
I have 2004 Monte Carlo SS with the same problem. The dealer told me it was a moisture issue causing the message. They claim that water was shorting out a wire in damp or rainy weather . Not a good answer for something that is supposed to help you in wet conditions.
on February 23, 2017
This kid had a video on youtube..relating to the t/c power steering and engine power far as I can remember I started having problems after the recall on the igniton...I would be driving down the highway n it said engine powere reduced....I couldn't go more than 10mph...I disconnect the battery wait about 10minutes n then the car be fine...for a day or 2....the only answer I found that helped fix the problem was the video from the kid....I did and I don't have engine power reduced instead the t/c comes on 5minutes after I start it..n when I stop at a stop light...once om on the highway it's fine....what he kid did n I did also was I grounded some wire with a bolt from the pcm n grounded...ever since then I don't ha e engine power reduced instead the tc light keeps coming on....I think it's either a sensor or since the battery is in the trunk it might need more ground...
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