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When I turn off the ignition only 2015 Toyota Tacoma Pro sport, I hear a noise. Like something winding down, powering off. Possibly a small motor or electrical device. Sounds close to firewall. Any ideas
Can anyone help me, need advice or answer, about putting a lift kit 2" on my Tacoma truck, does it avoid the warrenty. My warrenty extends to 2023 8 yrs. I was told it does not void my warrenty, from people on the street. Need a answer from some one that knows for sure. Thanks
I can't find any blinking light definitions for troubleshooting anything in the Owners Manual.

A couple of weeks ago the orange AC button on the dash started blinking and AC wouldn't come on. I turned it off and waited, and then the AC worked fine. This continued, getting more frequent until today - when I drove into the dealership and the AC (which was running fine) just quit and the light was blinking.

The valet witnessed it, but when the mechanic tried to duplicate the issue - they couldn't. I told the service writer that it might be an electrical relay wearing out behind the ON button. They gave me the truck with the AC blasting cold air just fine.... I got 2 minutes down the road and the AC died and the light was blinking again.

This is my 4th Tacoma. It has 24,960 miles on it. The warranty is up in November of this year (and the dealership isn't offering those anymore) Has anybody run into this before?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? hot or cold engine now
How long have you had this problem? 3 weeks
Sum say it avoids your warrenty other say no, I have 8yr warrenty what is your opinion, I know i must get a whel aligment after lift kit is put in
Sounds like an electric motor spinning down. Motor is a 2.7L I4 with a 4 speed automatic transmission
Just returned from driving it 10 minutes before trying to restart. Worked fine before and now will not start. 1st time this has happened.
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