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Q: Torque Converter on 2002 Acura MDX

I was told by the Acura dealership my Torque converter went out. They told me that it will only impact my gas mileage, is that true? Acuras estimate was $2700 do you know where I could get it done for less.
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It may effect more than your mileage. What was it that prompted the dealer to say that your Torque Converter went out? Was it a Check Engine Light for a slipping torque Converter Clutch or did the Converter fail in another way? If the Converter Clutch is slipping, it may be able to go for while. If the impeller and or turbine of the Converter is failing, this can send tiny metal particles all through your transmission which will eventually damage it.

If the Torque Converter was making noise at 45 mph that is when the converter clutch is kicking in. This, frankly, does not sound good. It means that metal parts are clashing which can mean the particles that I spoke of could be getting in to the rest of your transmission.

I would go to an ATRA ( Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association of America ) registered shop in your area. These tend to be the best shops for transmission work. I would stay away from any franchises, they tend to be VERY inconsistent. It is a very high level skill to properly do Automatic trans work. That is why the dealerships don't do it any more, they just replace them. I spent several years as a dealership trans rebuilder so I have an appreciation for this work. I think that you could get a better price for this job at an ATRA shop. Be sure to have them flush out your system to remove any particles from your fluid, transmission and cooler(s).
The car was rattling as I hit 45 miles per hour. Sounded like it was slipping. But he was not very specific. Does anyone have a recommendation of where to get this repaired besides Acura for $90 an hour
Hi. Last summer, my check engine indicator lit up and I took it to the dealership. They found Code P0740. They noted on my receipt that they found the transmission to be failing and recommended it to be replaced. I didn't notice anything wrong in the way my car was running. No noises, goes into reverse when I put it on reverse, wasn't slipping, it was running great, actually. But I know nothing about cars and when I was told that my transmission needed replacing, I had it replaced. Looking at my receipt, it appears that they also changed the ECU. The diagnosis costed me $70.04, and the transmission and ECU, $5,421.90. (Please don't scream). I was just talking to my friend about it and he told me that the only possible affected components with that code are 1) hydraulic control system; 2) torque converter, and 3) transaxle. He also said that failure of any of these three components would render the car undriveable. But my car was running just fine. He also said that the transmission is irrelevant, and the ECU is irrelevant. Is my friend right? Did I get rip off by the dealership?
Just picked up my 2005 MDX from dealer after replacing the torque converter. It appears that the vibration/grinding between 35-40 mph has now been eliminated. For background, I reported this problem in March 2009, a couple of months prior to the expiration of my warranty. The service tech stated that he/she could not reproduce the noise I was hearing. Over a year later, the noise was now continuous. I took the vehicle in and this time the service tech could hear the noise. I was told that the vehicle was out of warranty (45,000 miles, but over 60 months) and that it would cost $2,000 to $3,000 to fix the problem. I opened up a case file with Honda America. After several calls, I was offered a repair for $500. I continued to complain and mentioned that I had uncovered over 100 complaints for the exact same issue. The Honda rep. still would not budge on the $500 cost to me. Finally, I mentioned that I might pursue a "class action suit". He said he would speak to the district supervisor. Miraculously, he came back and said that Honda America could cover 100% of the repair. I would suggest that anyone battling this issue out with Honda America mention "class action suit". There attitude seems to change quite significantly! Good luck!
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I agree with Dan. The Acura MDX has a higher than acceptable ate of transmission failure. The Check Engine Light is frequently illuminated with a code signifying torque converter/transmission related problems.
yeah i have a 03 acura tl i was told it was the torqe converter my car will bearly drive now does this mean i have to replace the whole transmission b cuz i dont have the money and having another altrnitive would save my life i really need help if someone would contact me at 352 206 5502 i would really apriciate it my names mandi mys i just bought the car a year ago i owe 6 grand on it and they want 2500 to replace the transmission im 20 years old and i dont know what to do please help me
I have a 2003 mdx with 113,400 miles on it and Im getting a new factory refurbished tranny and torque converter with all the updates now cause my torque converter was going too! it ruined my tranny also so its not just causes bad gas mileage it damages ur transmission which goes on all mdx's from 2001 to 2003 their a problem and they all go bad eventually, so be prepaired to pay, mine cost me 2,800 installed at a local transmission place which i know the owner so i know that i could trust his judgement and i needed it once he took apart the tranny it was damaged due to the torque converter. it started making noise around 6 months ago it would rattle at around 40mph. so just a warning to you.
I just bought the exact same car, with 123K on it. upon purchase this wasn't an issue as I didn't here the problem when we test drove it, but the issue described is what's happening on my car. Putting $2800 in a car I just purchased is the last thing I want to do. This is good information to know and I'm taking it back in on Monday.
I had my torque converter replaced by Acura just over 50,000 miles. I had reported it NUMEROUS times to the dealership and they could never duplicate. That goodness I made them document it so when it was over the 50,000 miles and out of warranty they replaced it under warranty. I am now closing in on 100,000 miles and it is acting up again. It is in the shop as we speak so we will see what they say about replacing it again.
I'm currently in the same position as you, I have 99 TL that is at about 50,000miles. I had my transmission rebuilt 6 months prior to June of 2010, costing me $2200. And on the 25th of June, it was having extreme problems shifting and driving as I was on my way from San Diego to LA. I took it back to the mechanic that orginally worked on the transmission, and he's still working on it....only 5 weeks later. I'm hoping to have my car back soon & at no cost for the time lenght.
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