Q: Took car to get inspected-has over 160,000 miles;intake gasket needed? on 2000 Buick LeSabre

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Coolant is leaking; has to be filled every day. Recently had new radiatior installed but not a full flush of the system. told me the antifreeze was contaminated I have in there now and would need replacement of intake gasket, cover?
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if you replace your intake gaskets (upper and lower) use the latest updated lower gasket that is aluminum, my mother in law had this done then gave us the car, within 3 years it had failed again, the repair shop had used the old style plastic lower gasket, so this time i did it and flushed all the dex cool (bad stuff)out of the engine and replaced with peak antifreeze,also replace the two plastic coolant elbows but get them from the dealer do not use the doorman ones from auto stores as the rubber o ring is slighty smaller and WILL fail within 4 months.
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